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Southwest Airlines studies how to get passengers on and off planes faster

Southwest Airlines is moving into passenger movement observation mode. In a memo to tens of thousands of rank-and-file Southwest employees, Mike Sims, Southwest’s senior director of base operations, advised Southwest employees that passenger movement during the boarding and deplaning process is something the carrier “would like to further explore.” The Chicago Business Journal obtained a copy of the memo. Why this exploration at this point in time? Sims tied the observation project to an… ( Altro...

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paul trubits 1
Not having assigned seats makes the boarding process faster. I have been flying SWA since the 90s when you had a plastic boarding card and sat on the floor for an hour like you were at a rock concert. You get on the plane and grab the best seat that suits your fancy. Free checked bags cuts down on the luggage that needs to be stored overhead. Having only one way on and off the aircraft is the limiting step.


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