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Boeing to pay 737 MAX crash victims' families $144,500 each

Boeing Co (BA.N) will pay the families of 346 people killed in two fatal 737 MAX crashes $144,500 (116,251 pounds) each from a $50 million financial assistance fund announced in July, the fund’s administrators said on Monday. ( Altro...

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David Isaacs 13
Sound pretty cheap.
matt jensen 1
Their insurance company makes the payout
Kobe Hunte 2
Thoughtful of Boeing for doing this but it isn't the same of having a family member back.
Brian James 1
Let's see - not sure what annual salaries are in the countries where the victims lived, but that amount is squat for Boeing. How insulting. Hopefully the civil cases will result is better compensation.
ADXbear 1
Thats whata life is worth now...
John D 1
Here I fixed it for Boeing "Boeing Co (BA.N) will pay the families of 346 people killed in two fatal 737 MAX crashes $1,144,500.

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siriusloon 6
Why do you read them if they piss you off? Are you some kind of masochist? Normal people don't keep doing the same things that enrage them. Normal people also have compassion for victims and disdain for the faceless corporations and government agencies that caused them to be victims.

I very much doubt you'd have posted your little rant if someone from your family was among the people killed in those two crashes.
Colton Fletcher 1
i completly agree. why should boeing have to pay money to... lets just say i am thoroughly pissed off!!!

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siriusloon 3
Yet here you are again, beating your, um, dead horse.

You even reply to yourself as you self-stoke your rage. Get a life, dude, or some help.
crbascott -1
Since you stalk the guy and reply to most of his posts, did you ever think you may need to get a life?
Colton Fletcher 2


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