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Here’s Why Some Air India Airbus A320s Have Extra Wheels

There are many interesting tidbits in the aviation world. ( Altro...

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As far as Simply Flying, it has an http:// .... and my Chrome browser immediately flags it as "Unsecure" with a warning not to respond with passwords, credit card information, etc. I find that a growing number of publications have switched to the less secure http:// protocol so as not to cause problems with readers' browsers. Because HTTPS uses TLS (SSL) to encrypt normal HTTP requests and responses, many browsers cause problems when opening the more secure protocol. Then again, many browsers won't open the unencrypted protocol because it isn't "Safe", a problem I often face with my tablet. I have to admit that in 2019, I am surprised there isn't a universal requirement to encrypt everything on the internet.
But, what about foreign carriers operating flights to the same destinations? If United were to schedule a flight to the same airport, with the lower classification, would they first have to retrofit their landing gear? Would they have to carry less weight? What about Boeing aircraft, with the standard trolley layout? Would they be banned entirely, or again have to either lower weight or have additional wheels? And, surely India isn't the only country with lower classification of runways. I'm willing to accept the premise provided by Simply Flying, at least until a better explanation comes along. How about you guys who routinely fly 'heavies', any thoughts?
william baker 1
How do you post links from Ever time i try it tells me the links are invalid.
Roger Anderson 1
They post them with http:// instead of https://

Not sure if the fault lies with FA or SimpleFlying
matt jensen 1
I've had to change several links b/c FA wouldn't accept the https://
william baker 1
Ill have to re try it later and let you know. Thanks for the information. I really apperciate it.
airuphere 1
Yup just drop the s Matt Jensen helped me out with that a while ago.. it works for sure
nightflyer182 1
Uh... I'm a male, so... Aren't they supposed to come with extra parts?... 🤔
Highflyer1950 1
I wonder if they stop quicker on the runway after a monsoon?
Ric Wernicke 1
One more set of wheels and they could land on soft fields, and sandy beaches. How convenient!


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