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FAA to start 737 Max test flights in October

Seattle, Washington - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is likely to begin test flights with the Boeing 737 MAX in October to determine if the aircraft will be allowed to fly again. Although the regulator said that it had not yet specified a firm schedule for the test flights, they are likely to occur before year-end, Bloomberg news agency reports. The timing would be in line with Boeing's estimate that the aircraft could be back in service in the fourth quarter. On Aug. 22, the FAA… ( Altro...

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belzybob 8
Never mind simulator tests; fill the real aircraft with software engineers, then start testing.
As IATA has reported, a significant number of countries may not accept the FAA certification, thus preventing any airline from using the plane in their airspace. The FAA is no longer the godlike agency it was. And, it is all the fault of Boeing and those at the FAA who ceded their authority to Boeing. Time will tell how this will shake out, but I don't see it ending well for either Boeing or the FAA.
Don Quixote 7
Can't wait to fly the MAX again!
Kobe Hunte 6
Great news. It has been a little too long, way longer than expected. Hopefully this actually happens...
You can’t fix a problem by denial and running away, stop, turn around and FIX IT.
And please use qualified on shore engineers not the weak off shore cheap personnel.
Cant wait to get back into the left seat again
FlightAware users can see that the MAX has been flying test flights for several weeks already. Apparently news reporters don't know how to use FlightAware.
My mistake - disregard post.
ramdan elies -2


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