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London-Heathrow to New York-JFK is the World's Only Billion-Dollar Airline Route

The globe is criss-crossed a million times over with flight routes, buzzing with planes throughout the day. Sometimes market forces and competitive advantage come together to make some routes more lucrative than others. One route stands out from all the rest, the only one to break the billion-dollar barrier: British Airways' service between London Heathrow and New York's JFK. ( Altro...

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sharon bias 11
Now, if they could just find enough gates to park all the aircraft, and hire enough customs agents to get the folks through the lines, life would be really good.
joel wiley 1
The only billion dollar route, yet.
I now tend to avoid Heathrow now and where I can fly direct from Manchester.

More international flights by airlines from Manchester and we do not have to fly to Heathrow for onward destinations flying BA
airuphere 1
I’ve posted the Full OAG report if anyone is interested.. FYI titled “OAG Full Report”
paul gilpin -3
CNN as a source? LOL
this article is propaganda. no mention of the gimpo/jeju route in south korea. just the sheer number of butts in the seats is staggering. 50% more than the syd/mel route alone.
IF the nyc to lon route is the highest grossing it is only because they are overpriced seats. and shifting said profits to cover other shortcomings.
I took the Gimpo-Jeju route a few times and while the number of seats might be staggering, the cost per seat isn'T. It's easy to find fares for that route as low as 20$ and at most 100$.
john doe 3
Agreed on the "propaganda" bit. Paid advertising masquerading as a news item. Even the photos straight from the airline's glossy brochure.

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matt jensen 15
I just checked and no $100,000 fare exists with BA. The most expensive I could find in F class is £14,318 ($17,391.83USD). That's r/t for Sunday, returning the next day from London.
Now if you are referring to a private jet - then it's possible.
airuphere 4
Thanks for looking that up Matt.


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