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Terrifying footage from inside the cockpit of a Boeing 737

Footage from inside the cockpit of a Air Niugini plane that crashed into a lagoon in September shows the plane approaching the water and the moment of the crash. ( Altro...

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George Cottay 1
It would be interesting to hear from the pilots. Also how the aircraft maintenance engineer's video came to be made public.
Nico Arreman 1
The captain has control and the co-pilot is blamed for not intervening ??
Colin Seftel 1
It was just by chance that this video was recorded. In my opinion, video surveillance of the cockpit should be compulsory on all commercial aircraft, in addition to CVR and FDR.
Mike Dryden 1
For the purposes of apportioning blame the basis of criminal and/or civil action, or for the purposes of learning from the mistakes of others & proper root cause analysis?
Colin Seftel 1
To assist on finding the root cause, because that is always the priority in accident investigations, but it follow that any evidence can be used for litigation.
Mike Dryden 0
The latter prevents the former. People won’t be honest if it costs them their livelihoods. Can’t have this one both ways.
linbb 1
Stupid half assed pilots.


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