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Nav system failure on CRJs cause hundreds of flight cancellations

"Does anyone know what happened to GPS/ADS-B last night?" one aviation commentator asked Twitter on June 9, a Sunday. "The issue seemed to be quite wide-spread, with a lot of aircraft grounded... Had this happened on a weekday, it would have been leading headlines on national news⁠—some sort of GPS fault grounded a chunk of the U.S. commercial fleet and hardly anybody noticed." But at the time of publishing that issue remains unresolved and the weekend is all but over.… ( Altro...

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sparkie624 3
This affected a bunch of our planes... We fly over 50 of them, and a large number were off line! If I hear anything different, I will post it.
Hi Sparky

Have you seen Wingbolt's post of a Collins letter about this issue, including part numbers affected, at :

It seems to imply the units will function after June 16th at 00:15Z
sparkie624 1
No... But I am looking at it now.. Thanks
OK good luck.
sparkie624 1
I'll need it.... Come Thursday if there is not a fix, I will be thrown right in the middle of it...
When all else fails make sure we blame it on the military w/o any facts.


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