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Passengers were asked to help pay for the repair bill after LOT #LO92 Dreamliner suffered a hydraulic problem and could not take off

After a Boeing 787 hydraulic pump broke down, passengers on board LOT Polish Airlines flight #LO92 were asked to help pay the bill for repairs so they could take off. LOT Polish Airlines flight #LO91 from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Beijing on November 12, 2018 experienced hydraulic failure. The problem was noticed upon arriving in Beijing during the after-flight checkup. The Boeing 787-8 (reg. SP-LRH) needed the replacement of a hydraulic pump to operate return flight #LO92. ( Altro...

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Jeff Phipps 2
Really bizarre story. Why Boeing would need the pump paid for, versus the company who actually did the repairs seems odd. If that's true, then why Boeing would require LOT, a large airline a Boeing customer to pay for a pump in cash before allowing it be installed is even weirder. And finally, the customers put up $360. For real? The pilot doesn't have a cc or between the flight crew they have to borrow $360 from passengers?? Something must have been lost in translation.
linbb -1
Well lets see since they are a fourth at the best airline, credit is probably bad for one. The other is they don't take good care of there AC.
Peter Cooper 1
I find it hard to believe that a replacement hydraulic pump only cost $ 360. In these days of
( allegedly ) $4 2000 toilet seats, a hydraulic pump @ $ 360 must be the bargain of a lifetime.
Peter Cooper 1
For $4 2000 toilet seats please read $ 2000.


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