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Boeing to launch the 797 NMA officially at Paris Air Show in June 2019

Seattle - Dennis Muilenburg, the Boeing boss, revealed nothing new about the Boeing's long-discussed NMA program at Farnborough Airshow this year. But internally, Boeing follows a precise timeline for its New Mid-market Airplane that is unofficially dubbed 797 by the industry. Teams in Seattle are working towards a program launch announcement at the Paris Air Show in June 2019 Jon Ostrower reports ( More...

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patrick baker 3
the 797 will offer distance with a distinction- twin aisles. Is that enough? In another issue: what is seattle doing to counter the 350-900 ultral long ranger? Concedeing that to airbus???
Charles Adams 2
I have it from the highest order from the Director of the United Nations New World Order of Aircraft and Train Military Troop Movement Coordination Directorate that Boeing and Airbus that the new aircraft being developed will be named the "BoeBus" It is true that Airbus and Boeing are really one in the same just like Lowes and Home Depot.
Ian Deans 2
Don't we all get sick of "which is the better - Airbus or Boeing" tripe that is spread around here? Both make great products, both are world leading global enterprises. For God's sake be realistic, guys.
Alan Hume 3
I'm confident the 797 NMA will not be an A321 "Me too" aircraft as some are suggesting. They already have the 737MAX series for that. Rather it will be a 767 for the 21st Century, i.e. wide-body with appropriate range capability. Pax much prefer wide-bodies over long narrow tubes, and I'm sure Boeing realises that!
Edward Bardes 2
If anything the A321 is a "Me Too" of the 757.
Joel Rugeno 4
I avoid the 737 like the plague, an antiquated, narrow uncomfortable thing well past its prime
Gabriel Dufay 3
same , for me 737 is like 747 a very important aircraft in the aviation history but now updated .
Edward Bardes 3
I try to fly on 737s whenever possible.
william baker 2
Same here. The 737 maybe old but she is well broken in and does quite well for an aircraft. Who’s to not fly on one of the worlds leading grade A planes.
James Simms 1
All of the bugs were worked out w/exception of the rudder incidents on USAir 427, United 585, & Eastwinds 517. Once that was resolved; oit’s been a workhouse, even well before those incidents
william baker 5
Yes that was a rudder issue but it wasn’t the rudder itself it was the PCU the power control unit that controls the rudder. Granted those were issues with the plane and may everybody on board the two that crashed Rest In Peace for them and there family. But it was still a grade a student then and not Boeing or the NTSB could figure out what was going on. That was untill the Eastwind accident. That’s when they had a eureka moment and decided to do a thermal shock on the PCU and it froze on then. But before and even after those accidents the 737 is has been a great workhorse and has performed quite well. That’s why there are still a handful of 737-200s flying today.
william baker 2
Sorry that was is and has been a great workhorse.
chalet 1
Don't blame Boing if the 737 or any other aircraft model they make are unconfortable, it is the damn airlines that squeeze us anyway they want. Years ago the pitch on the 707 and DC-8 series in Economy was 38 and even 40 inches. Enough is enough Congress should step in and rule that 32 or less is no longer legal.
carlos rivera 2
Boeing will succeed selling 797s like all other great aircrafts they make!!!
chalet 1
Of the three makes of engines being offered, I am not going to buy any, repeat any engines from two of them. Guess who they are. Those who get the right answer will be given two front row seats on the tarmac the day Boeing rolls out the first copy, I promise.
Edward Bardes 1
Is one of them P&W?
chalet 1
Nope, keep trying
chalet 1
Sorry, you are right, P&W is not on my approved vendors list.
Edward Bardes 1
Is the other GE?
chalet 1
Nope. GE is having some problems with their new engines but are less consequential than those made in Derby and Connecticut by its competitors.
Edward Bardes 1
So then the other would be RollsRoyce?
chalet 1
Bingo!! Congrats.
patrick baker 1
no sense of urgency here as airbus piles up 321er clients left and right. It will be a few years and many hundreds of airbus aircraft sold, but not delivered, then boeing does it's "me too" act.
You mea, like the me too A350?.....
RECOR10 -8
Beh. As a customer, I have options. I never EVER book a flight on an Airbust unless there is absolutely no other option (including my families personal craft)
Roy Corrales 3
Ohhhh my... you serious? or was world day of posting dumb comments?
Gabriel Dufay 3
very open minded , If I think like you, next time I will verificate in my flight itinerary than will no be a boeing plane ….as European I need to protect Airbus......
gruezi 7
stupid !
you are paid by Boeing ?
Nope. But, national pride is NOT a bad thing to have for anyone from any nation.
Stefan Sobol 5
Any modern transport aircraft is made from parts from all over the world. A high percentage of the Boeing widebody components are made in Asia or Europe. While Airbus airplanes are more EU than Asia, it is not a solely "French" product. The 737 Has a higher "US" content than some of the other Boeing airplanes. It is the nature of the business now that aircraft are global products. Even Chinese built aircraft have a high western content. For instance, the flight deck and flight controls of the Comac 919 come from the west.
gruezi 6
- to be proud does not forbid to be open-minded and test other products
- how be proud of a US single aisle aircraft whose european competitor is much better .o)...
best greetings from Toulouse by a multinational european citizen ...
Jesse Carroll -5
European? Please don't cry when USA kicks your butt at the Ryder Cup in Paris!
Oh and who copied who? I think the 737 is copied by every manufacture in the world! Hard to tell whats on the flight line now days! They all look the same!
Did the $19 Million count the new Tariff? Just saying!
One last thing, how many "NEWS FLASHES" have we seen when an Airbus front gear will not extend out/down?
National Pride...DAM RIGHT!
Who won the Ryder Cup. The Americans - I don't think so.
National pride? ... don´t you realize that your iPhone is made in China? .... wake up buddy .... world is a global market ...
Jesse Carroll -2
Sure, the children have to learn to do something in China. Oh yeah, and Apple is exempt from the new tariff! Go figure!
Gabriel Dufay 1
where is the national pride to use a 737 aircraft conceptualised in 1960 , when you can fly in 320 family with more space , less noise and more confortable…… I french but I fly with boeing as airbus aircraft and in the two casa I am proud to particpate at the competition beetween the both who offer alway a better product.
Alan Dahl 0
I think for the NMA to be successful it needs to offer something the 321 doesn’t, something attractive enough to airlines that they will wait for it. It can’t be a “me too” aircraft and be successful and I am sure Boeing management is well aware of this.
Boeing, unlike Airbus, is NOT subsidized by the government.
Stefan Sobol 4
Hello, the margins on military contracts pay for a lot of stuff.
Ric Wernicke 0
Hello, capitalism is not a subsidy.
Oh, now who's being naive, Kay?
william baker 1
Okay Chow.. and before anyone asked it’s from the movie the Hangover
chalet 1
Donny boy, DOT signed the first contract for the F-35 at 65 million a copy; then the prices skyrocketed (no pun intended) and the last contract says TWICE AS MANY GREENBACKS GOING TO BOEING PURSES. What do you call that.


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