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VIDEO: Orange Warning Cone Sucked Into Jet Engine at O'Hare

You may be aware that turbofan engines are tested to ensure that they continue to function and/or not destroy everything around them under adverse conditions. That testing includes the firing of various size dead birds or dead-bird-equivalents directly into the most critical parts of an engine (at 200 km/h "bird speed") while the engine is operating at or near its limits. The tests are designed to simulate encounters with both a single large bird as well as a flock of small and medium… ( Altro...

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mbv9415 2
Apparently the engine was still hungry because they put out more cones for it...
he's a growing is only a phase. (My 11 year old is the same way. We toss in food from a safe distance until the munching stops)
Lots of issues at O'Hare lately.
jaxstrw 1
Similar incident a few years back ,


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