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Jetsmarter (Part 3): Top 5 Reasons Why Private Jet-Sharing is a Failed Business Model

The private jet-sharing business model does not work. As a matter of fact, there has never been a single example of a private jet-sharing company showing promise or being able to survive without frequent injections of investor capital. Yet, many examples of this ill-fated model exist. Names such as DayJet, BlackJet, Indigo, GreenJets, CoGoJets, POGO, ShareAJet Exchange, Jet-It-Together, Airpooler, Avion Private Jet Club, Gotham Air, Club Airways, Beacon, Perfect Jet Travel, Freshjets, JumpJet… ( Altro...

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flypilot12 3
Kinda funny that the one he names as the most well known, I've never heard of, and happen to know that NetJets and PlaneSense are two of biggest and most well known. Hell AlphaFlying owns more PC-12s than any other company on the planet and they are doing great with the whole "plane sharing thing", and they just ordered PC-21s to augment their fleet. Seems the author knows next to nothing about what is really going on in the industry. Used to serve World Wide jets also. Never heads of a single other company on his list.
This guy is selling his product, that is what his web site is all about. The poster is the CEO of the company.

He also fails to mention that companies like NetJets are doing well with not only fractional, but charter operations as well.
This is only about the per seat jet-sharing concept, not traditional charter or fractionals.


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