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Aeroméxico Durango-CDMX flight crashes shortly after takeoff

Aeroméxico Durango-CDMX flight crashes shortly after takeoff... ( More...

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Cade foster 11
Weather conditions "were poor with heavy rain and hail"
IMHO that is far past poor.
1BabyGirl 4
Exactly right. No professional pilot in his/her right mind would attempt a takeoff under those conditions. I would assume and hope that flight crew will be looking for another line of work.
Certainly might have been a microburst but no pilot I know (myself included) would have attempted a departure in those conditions. Footage just after shows good conditions. Delayed departure by 5 minutes and likely different outcome.
Steve Jones 3
Tom Zaidman 3
Why,why for Heavens sake do pilots continuously take of or land in bad weather. Most probably not to arrive late and be"punished"by their superiors. Surely on time records help promotion but they are dangerous. Captain van Zanten rushed his KLM takeoff not be late and the result over 500 passengers killed on a runway in fog when two 747 crashed.
AWAAlum 1
Aww c'mon, we all know no one's superior to a pilot.
joel wiley 1
It says right in the title
James Simms 0
In those conditions, God is probably the reason everyone survived the crash
Rob Ainscough 2
With reported hail and the instability that brings, I agree that would have been a definite NO GO scenario. Glad everyone got out alive and a testament to how well that aircraft is designed to make that a survivable situation. Most likely this will go down a pilot error.
AWAAlum 2
I wonder, if the weather was so severe, why would they be cleared for take-off?
Tony Smith 1
It's ultimately the PIC's decision. The tower can give reported weather conditions but they make the choice. Recall another accident in similar conditions, USAir 1016. Another USAir flight declined takeoff clearance while the accident plane tried to land in the microburst. One good decision, one bad one.
Phil Knox 1
Doesn't the "Company" have a final say as to go or no go? They ultimately have parameters regarding safe procedures!
joel wiley 3
The PIC has final say as to go/no go. Company has final say on remain employed/"You're Fired".
bentwing60 1
You pretty much hit the nail on the head Joel, and I'm not sure why this is here at a month down the road. The tower personnel have no say in it unless the field is closed to operations due to weather in this case or whatever in others. Fortune smiles on some.
Just asking... Who decides the take off authorization? ATC or pilot? Once in a MXA CYUL-MMMX on Dec 25 1997, 7:00 AM, Santa was deicing the plane, ATC give us clearance, after us a Delta MD, also had clearance... and then airport closed by the next 15 days... :-)
ian mcdonell 1
Please explain:

"One report said the pilot attempted but failed to abort the takeoff."

I would like to know how to attempt to abort and take off and fail to do it?
Shenghao Han 1
Passed V1 I assume
John D -3
I saw one report that said it went down 10 miles from the airport.
That was a pretty new plane, how could they not know weather conditions were so poor that you'd not want to fly in it?
bartmiller 4
The news photos showed the wreckage just off the departure end of the runway.
dondtus 1
gerardo godoy 1
Apparently the pilot is in bad shape. I think they should never have taken off in that weather.
bbabis 1
The plane came down 10 km from the airport. It was under control or there would have been many fatalities. Put these together and there must have been a power loss. Water, hail, or other ingestion. Poor decisions were made for sure but all surviving is good news.
Phil Knox 4
Or...a microburst!
Mike Boote 3
I heard on the news today it was likely a microburst.
matt jensen 1
chalet 1
My first thought was a microburst but if so the first reaction was the plane lifting off due to a substatial increase in headwind but it never did.
Phil Knox 3
Sure...but a microburst is quickly descending air which, when it hits the ground (or an airplane) fans out in all directions! Wgat at first is a hesdwind giving lift quickly becomes a tailwind driving you into the ground!
John D 3
I watched a video and it seems it barely got off the ground let along 10k. Not disputing you, just seems like it didn't get very far.
bbabis 2
Yes John, that would be a soccer goal type slide. The linked story to this squawk had the 10k statement. It has since been corrected.
James Simms 1
Like the Geico Insurance soccer slide ad
Torsten Hoff 3
The plane came to rest about three hundred yards past the end of the runway at Guadalupe Victoria International Airport.
bbabis 0
Thanks. It’s nice to get the right facts which sadly the news rearly gets right. I change my guess to windshear and poor pilot performance.
Phil Knox 4
william baker 1
No deaths have been reported to any of the passengers or crew. The plane was a embraer 190 aircraft. Hope for a safe and fast recovery for all on board.
PIC had a cervical surgery, fortunately, spinal cord was intact, and in the recovery room is reported that sensivity was returning to his legs. Prior to the surgery he reported first to his mom, then he asked for status of his PAX and crew, an if is there any deceased. Then he was moved to the surgery room...
joel wiley 1
Thanks be to those tingling toes. Saw many times in Neuro ICU them waiting in vain.
Mike Boote 1
The results speak very highly of the crew and aircraft
Torsten Hoff 5
Based on video of the weather conditions in the area at the time of the accident, they never should have taken off.
joel wiley 1
Does the area have doppler radar capable of detecting microbursts and an ability to publish warnings?
Jerry Bix 1
I could be wrong but based on the video it looks like the pilot failed to deploy the flaps.
Phil Knox 2
Usually on takeoffs...slats and flaps are set to a minimal setting!


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