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TSA: Flight attendants can also skip scanners

Flights attendants are going to be able to board a plane without a body scan or pat-down, just like the pilots. The Transportation Security Administration confirmed the change on Tuesday after The Ass . . . ( Altro...

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Chip Hermes 0
Too bad passengers don't have unions.
Mark Piper 0
Body scan with by the same sex officer...YES!
Really Chip?

Do you feel the need to get patted down/xrayed everyday when you go into work?

Didn't think so.
toolguy105 0
This makes sense. In some terminals you have to leave the secured area to go from one pier to another. TO have to be xrayed and patted down each time is ridiculous. Next thing you know TSA will want to x-ray and pat down the firefighters,EMTs and Paramedics going to the aid of passengers in medical distress.
That's about the right analogy Toolguy

Do they realize the crew has access to the plane controls (besides the fact they're actually flying it) at any point in time? (FAs aside, but they still have cockpit access anytime.)
agg1930 0
Now all you will need to blow up an airplane is to get yourself a flight attendants uniform!
Except they could easily make a system with badges nationally for crewmembers and a database with pictures. like drivers licenses.


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