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Air Baltic signs for 30 more CS300s

Latvian carrier Air Baltic has signed for 30 more Bombardier CSeries aircraft and taken options on a further 30 of the type. The airline says it has executed a firm purchase agreement for 30 CS300s and options for 30 more. Deliveries of the new aircraft are set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2019. Air Baltic has already ordered 20 of the type, eight of which are in commercial service. "In 2017, we experienced outstanding growth and showed the world the unique capabilities and comfort of… ( Altro...

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Wow Baltic must love these birds to buy 30 more and 30 options.
I have a feeling Delta and Air Canada will too.
Kobe Hunte 2
Yes they probably will!
I actually like these planes!
This shows that the Quebec Government and Bombardier acted too quickly to give the C series away to Airbus once the C series proves it self it is going to be a huge hit , unless airbus decided to bury it in favour of the A319 A320 that it owns 100% . Hopefully Airbus is not going to make the C Series into another Avro Arrow
I don't see that happening as c series had already been established with legacy carriers like delta and Air Canada
However, it was the tariff/trade threat (thanks to boeing) that forced there hand to make a deal with the devil. They ended winning on appeal but hindsight Is 20/20
linbb -3
Read what has been posted first then POST.
Kobe Hunte 1
You always have something bad to say about someone or something.

Go find somewhere else to be negative.
Mind was more informative, so i posted it
Leon Kay 1
Agreed Kobe. This website is for people that have a lively interest and passion for aircraft and the associated Aviation news.
Kobe Hunte 1

I don't like that when people just make the website miserable for people that are trying to enjoy it!


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