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FlightAware privacy policy updated

We’ve recently made updates to our Privacy Policy to increase transparency and comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These changes are effective May 25, 2018. While GDPR pertains to the privacy rights of European Union (EU) citizens, the updates to the FlightAware Privacy Policy affect all current and future FlightAware users of our website, products and services. FlightAware has always been committed to safeguarding the personal data of our members and… ( Altro...

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This servers as permission to keep and use my data in line with your new policy.
Yes, you have my permission to use my data in line with your new policy.
It's the law now in Europe so you will see these email notifications in a lot of companies, blogs and social media platforms you have signed up for. Not sure about the US ones but if it's international, then yes. I even got one from British Airways whom I last flew more than a year ago!
thank you flight aware for information on the new polcies in effect..since this is a global site,rules,protections and explanations are appreciated..
1BabyGirl 1
It's okay with me too.
No problem.
I'm a newbee...everything's ok with me
Anton Fäh 1
Got it, cheers!
Les Reid 1
Fine by me!
Thanks for the update.
And this change has a more subtle effect...

As a contributor, I used to be able to see details of non-public flights.

Flightaware now claim that GDPR prevents this. I don't think the details of a business flight contain any personal information as defined in GDPR, however it's a convenient way to yield to pressure from big business for 'privacy'

Does make me wonder if I still want to feed flightaware...
FlightAware is obligated by contractual and legal/regulatory reasons to block certain information. However, we have not changed any blocking behavior specifically because of GDPR. If you have a specific issue or question with the web site please contact our customer service team.
OK, I cannot prove when the blocking behaviour was changed, nor why - I just don't get data that I did some months ago.

What has definitely changed is that Flightaware now blames the European regulations for withholding that data in the message when you attempt to look up the flight.

I don't have any issue for customer service - Flightaware makes business judgements and receives legal options on what flights to report on - other tracking sites come to different conclusions.

My only decision is which site(s) to feed my data to - and I am reviewing the options
There has been no change to the data access policy for ADS-B data feeder users. If you have a specific example please share it with our customer support team. Please note that specific aircraft/callsigns may come and go from the block list at any time as we are informed of those changes.
The message you are probably referring to is "This aircraft is not available for live public tracking due to European government data rules." This has nothing to do with GDPR and is related to long-standing European rules regarding flight data. Given that GDPR just went into effect we will consider rewording this message for clarity.
It is indeed that message.

In the past I used to get the flight track, with a message that this was a position-only flight and potentially inaccurate, and also under flight details 'This flight is restricted from public view.'

Now for all US owned business jets I get the 'This aircraft is not available...' message - and I certainly used to see details for US aircraft.

Nothing can be done about this - there are sites that track everything, and FlightAware isn't one. It feels to me that the 'not available' state is new - it may have been in place for some time. I don't have records to show what I saw in the past.
<This has nothing to do with GDPR and is related to long-standing European rules regarding flight data>

Is there any link regarding the above to see some more details please?


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