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Boeing requests waiver to avoid 787-10 certification delay

A software bug that shut-down one engine on a GE Aviation-powered 787 last July has prompted Boeing to ask the US Federal Aviation Administration to temporarily exempt the 787-10 from a safety requirement. ( Altro...

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Isn't this the exact opposite of what they should be doing?
I agree with you Christian
Ah Yes, Greed is trying overcome Safety at Boeing again. What are you doing Boeing, trying to chase people over to Scare Bus ?
Sure, why not? The 787 has a stellar safety record. It'll be fine.
Is that same engine management software in existing 787 models? If not, the safety record of aircraft currently in service isn't really relevant in the decision making.
I imagine that the software in question is embedded in the engine control computer, in this case a FADEC 3 manufactured by FADEC International, a joint venture of BAE Systems and SAFRAN.
wx1996 1
The article says it is the same software as currently on -8 and -9 models in service. Only a certification issue.
It doesn't say that anywhere I can see. Yes, the existing GE-powered 787s obviously have engine management software from GE. But I don't see anything that says it is the same version, and I would frankly be surprised if it was -- the 787-10 will have a different GEnx-1B family engine than other 787 models.


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