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Braathens Regional Airlines first passenger airline in the world offering all travelers to fly on biofuel

Braathens Regional Airlines is the first passenger airline in the world that makes it possible for all its travelers to select biofuel when booking tickets. "It's important for us to make it easy to go climate smart. And enabling biofuel for the flight is just one of our actions to make things smarter for our customers. Since 2017 we have offered biofuel possibility to businesses only, now it/s possible for everyone. This is an important step towards our goal of becoming fossil-free… ( Altro...

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joel wiley 1
So, if half the passengers on an ATR 72 spring for the biofuel option, do they run one engine on it?
linbb 0
So who is paying the cost of it? Know its about double in price over any fuel. Sounds great but not doable unless subsidixed.
mkeflyer 0
So you add X amount of money to your ticket to feel happy about yourself with zero proof the airline is doing what they say? So if only person pays that the airline only uses that much "biofuel" and it takes 2 fuel trucks a lot more work to do this?!
Idiots will always do what idiots do. Act like idiots and make decisions based on feelings (as opposed to facts). Oh well...a fool and their money....
joel wiley 1
are soon partied...
linbb -1
Bio fuels are another smoke and mirror approach to things that cannot be solved. Its like paying extra for green power, you know wind farms and solar. They work great when the wind blows enough and the sun is out and not obscured during the day and at night it doesn't work at all.

Takes as much bio fuel to make it start to finish as it produces so hmm how does that work?


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