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FAA Issues Emergency Order of Revocation Against TapJets, Inc.

WASHINGTON–The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an Emergency Order of Revocation against TapJets, Inc. of Spring, Texas and Fargo, North Dakota, for allegedly conducting passenger-carrying flights using unqualified pilots and operating unauthorized aircraft. ( More...

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bdarnell 4
And yet their website is still up and conducting flight auctions.
Ben Bosley 3
They can still contract those flights to another outfit.
mkeflyer 10
F406 Caravan...everything says the proper thing but the pictures are all Cessna 208 Caravan. What a joke...and then all the stolen Controller pictures. Just another race to the bottom outfit that employed slum management and dangerous pilots. Sadly the charter/managed business is all going that way.
nick gorham 2
Their "PIPER PA42T CHEYENNE IV" is actually a Cheyenne II. Pratts and all.
bashdan 2 <---their response
mariofer 10
"Just like Uber, Airbnb, and other successful companies that changed the status-quo" Well yeah, the status-quo of flying people safely is kind of something we want our government to enforce LOL
I'm all for market disruption. However, if TJ doesn't understand the massive difference between driving a car and flying an airplane, they deserve to have their operating certificate yanked.

Secondly, the FAA alleges that TJ put student pilots in the right seat. I don't mean commercially certificated pilots who were learning to fly for TJ. I mean students who cannot even solo a Cessna 172 without an instructor's sign off. No one in their right mind would suggest that it's cool if a bunch of 15yo learner's permit student drivers were running around as Uber drivers.
If they were operating under 91 as the link above says, those flights were completely legal. There are usually at least 2 sides to every hysterical issue.
justin chavez 2
I agree with the two sides to a story. The FAA has a history of behaving like small town cops looking to meet a ticket quota and they seem to use the media as a way to drive public opinion in favor of their actions. They are acting on an anonymous tip and the facts will will come to light eventually. We do not know what aircraft these flights occurred in, therefore we don't know if two pilots were actually required, etc etc....
Operating under Part 91 does not allow the use of a non-rated crew member in an aircraft certified for two pilots, much less a student pilot.
The AC discussed in this story are all SP certified.
David Stark 5
Uber has not attempted to circumvent the legal requirements for operating automobiles.
Torsten Hoff 1
That may be the one law Uber hasn’t willfully disregarded.
Wingrat 1
With the exception of a Falcon10/100 there are no ID numbers visible,on the aircraft in their catalog of aircraft.
Seems odd as that really stands out.
Stock photo's you can download from the web. I've seen several of these same aircraft used on other charter websites as well. I believe a couple are from manufacturer's photo arrays as well.
Jamar Jackson 1
Pirate pilots
Michael Smith 0
I smell a rat here. a money rat
SFOBro 1
ALWAYS.....................follow the money. A L W A Y S
SorenTwin -1
Holy crap. Unreal.

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I see your sarcasm went over heads at FL370...
Bill Sampson 1
Come on Dave get with the discussion...
doug staab 1
:( Awe.. Sniff Sniff


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