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Toronto-Bound Porter Airlines Passengers Told to Delete Videos or Face Arrest

Porter Airlines passengers stranded in Boston on Friday were told by a representative they would have to delete videos of an encounter with an agent or face arrest. ( Altro...

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Mike Mohle 5
Call the Police please. Bring it on! Make it a matter of public record that way, and poor PR for Porter.
Seems that there are companies that don't need their clients money...
canuck44 5
I'll be happy to delete the video right after I store it on the cloud. That way my reimbursement will expand geometrically.
At the very least, someone needs to lose their job over this. One of the problems is that airlines are trying to use weather as an excuse for flight delays when in fact it is an airline problem (either aircraft or personnel) to avoid compensation. There needs to be more governance and more penalties dolled out for this practice.
Compensation for the delay would be nothing compared to the judgement for false arrest as pretext for prior restraint of a First Amendment protected activity.

In a public place in the USA my response is "I am not willing to do that."
"You don't have to call the police, because I will call them right now! And after that we'll wait for them to come here. And only then, and only if required by the police officers, I'll delete these videos from my phone."

I would like to see their reactions...


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