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Video - Flight Deck View Landing A380 at FAOR

In a video posted to YouTube by British Airways, captain Dave Wallsworth shares his awe-inspiring view from the flight deck. Watch as he and Senior First Officers Jeremy Goodson and Phil Gillespie interact with air traffic control to skillfully land one of our A380 aircraft in Johannesburg. ( Altro...

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TrevorCole 1
Sorry to hear of your difficulties with BA, flying with them to Austin for a wedding next month!!
As a, twice a year, flyer to the US I found this video absolutely fascinating.
Great footage, but this was the same aircraft that went "tech" at JNB in February 2016 and resulted in a 26 hour delay for our flight back to LHR and BA failed to properly apologise and gave no compensation at all!!
The co-pilot told us that the incoming flight had come out of the side of a 200mph tail wind and the computers didn't like the overspeed and Airbus needed to do some simulations before we could fly. BA Customer Services (misnomer!!) claimed turbulence was the problem and outside their control so no compensation.


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