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Report Finds Some Aircraft Expose Pilots to GreaterLevels of Harmful Light

Pilots who fly aircraft with a high service ceiling risk a greater exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays—and the airplane’s windscreen may not be providing enough protection. ( Altro...

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Not just UV but other radiation, such as cosmic rays, and this is also greater over the poles.
That's why you find a home made curtain in some pilot's flight bags, including mine :D
bentwing60 3
Enroute's used to work great but kinda hard to do it with an IPad.
UV would probably penetrate a curtain.
Paul Stein 3
It would be nice too read the actual M7 Labs report quoted in the article but I can’t find it.

Paul Stein 1
“nice to read”, I meant to type.
We tinted all of our windows with reflective silver and bronze film.
Tom Pera 1
would be interesting to see if airline pilots/flight crew have more radiation/UV light cancers? wonder if any epidemiologists have studied this?
And would taking antioxidants help?


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