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Delta to Launch Nonstop Year-Round Service from Indianapolis to Paris Beginning May 2018

Delta, in cooperation with joint venture partner Air France KLM, will bring nonstop trans-Atlantic service from Indianapolis to its European hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle beginning May 24, 2018. ( Altro...

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Huh. Would have never expected that. Hope it goes well for them!

i don't see the connection.
Yup, a weird route IMHO, but I've seen worse. And they didn't last. Must be a bad bean counter.....
Delta flies direct from CVG to CDG; at this point, it's the only nonstop transatlantic passenger flight from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.
There may be a reason for that... the only trans-Atlantic.
Paul Rentz 1
That pretty much signals the end of the CVG hub for Delta. Air France removes the CVG-CDG flight, or rather their contractual obligation to fly this route expires. With no more international flights to feed, CVG will be scaled back to RJ flights only to ATL, DTW, JFK, MSP and maybe a few others if we're lucky. At least that's how it happened when they shut down DFW. No more crew base and good luck using those skymiles out of CVG.
Indianapolis is the 15th largest city in the country, with dozens of European-owned companies in the state employing more than 60,000 people. I think the case can be made this route makes sense and will quickly become self-supporting.
I am in an out of KIND a lot and I have to concur. Indy is a big pharma/biopharma hub - Roche, Lilly, Dow, and others. Indy already supports a thrice weekly CargoLux 747 flight to Luxembourg for medical products. Also, some other factors to consider - there is a lot of market cross-over for INDY - INDY draws traffic from Central/Southern Illinois, Northern Kentucky (Louisville), and western and southwestern Ohio (Cincinnati). There are also two major research universities within 100 miles. Finally Delta has pretty good connectivity (enough perhaps to call it a focus city?) and has a Sky Lounge. I suspect that in time this route will be successful.
IND to CDG makes little sense, either economically, culturally or from a "business" standpoint. I suspect, however, that our current Vice President being from Indiana plays some role in this decision.
$5.5M in Hoosier taxpayer money also plays a role in that decision...
Aha! now that adds up although it still doesn't make sense. What does yield management say??? And I'd be interested to see what the load factors on CVG to CDG are like.....sorry, but I just don't buy this and I have diverse airline/aviation experience going back to the 70s...........


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