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PICTURES: UPS Airlines First Boeing 747-8F in Full Paint

UPS Airlines' First Boeing 747-8 Freighter aircraft has been fully painted and now awaiting flight ( Altro...

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Ric Wernicke 8
UPS has always been an American company to admire. They now have one of the best planes in the sky to serve their customers.

Since my first flight on a Pan Am 747 I have always felt more comfortable in that plane and the subsequent versions.

I hope the 747 celebrates a century in the air and people enjoy flying them as much then as they do now.
Cade foster 7
IMHO that is one beautiful aircraft.
matt jensen 6
All 747's are beautiful, some just have better paint jobs.
Mark Prell 3
Brown is the new sexy. :-) #NobleBird
pilotjag 2
More images...
Christian Parada 2
Daniel Hughes 1
So ready to have them start to fly!
Jerry Thornton, Sr. 1
So nice to see two of the Seattle icons UPS & Boeing joining together. Will be watching for this a/c to land & take of from SEA Seattle Tacoma International Airport!!!
Brian Sullivan 1
Nice livery. A close tie with Cathay's.
Dennis See 1


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