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The unknown US airport that could change transatlantic travel forever

When the first passengers disembark at New York’s newest international airport on Thursday, they will be in for a shock. Stewart International is no bigger than a motorway service station. In fact, it’s probably smaller. And most of the time it's deserted. Last Saturday afternoon (usually peak time for international travel), it was remarkably empty –and remarkably clean. ( Altro...

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My husband flew out to Edinburgh yesterday from Stewart. I love that we don't have to drive all the way to Newark or NYC to fly direct internationally. A 90-minute EASY drive from Albany. A flight to EDI for $99 vs ~$500 from Albany International = a no brainer.

Commenters sound like NYC folk?
I think that the airport has a future with budget international airlines, but never a major airline like Delta or British Airways.

People are attracted to cost, they jump for the lowest fare they can get, people are willing to drive long distances to get the cheapest fare.

I see all the time here in Northeast Wisconsin. We have 2 commercial airports (a bit crazy because both airports have the same exact airlines to the exact same destinations and they're only 20 miles apart and they both serve the same amount of people) with adequate commercial service. Instead of using the 2 airports, a lot of locals will drive like 2 hours to MKE, MSP, or ORD just to save literally $20 round trip.
dbkoob 1
Stupid idea Stewart is in the middle of nowhere.
That maybe good for people destined for the ny area, but for connections to continue on?, not so much.
But the low-cost model is generally all about point-to-point traffic. Transfer traffic is not on their radar.
dbkoob 0
It's not really Stewart is about 2 hours from NYC and has no public transportation. It would be better if they flew out of Westchester or Islip.
I said New York area not NYC!
joel wiley 1
Norwegian wants to fill planes and sell seats and will probably fly anywhere those criteria are met. Doubt they are overly concerned about pax, what they do, where they go after deplaning.
zoe bells -5
I don't understand them... who wants to go to an unknown airport when they can fly out of newark or jfk much easier ? It's just stupid, who is gonna buy that
As I said below the cost matters to people. A buget airline can basically start a service and not worry about it under preforming because the cost will attract people to use the route and take a vacation.
Ask Ryanair that - they've made hundreds of millions over the years flying passengers to "unknown" airports......!!!
zoe bells -1
yes but those are all different cities people may want to visit, strewart is serving new york, a place with 3 other available airports to choose from.
I disagree. Ryanair cunningly disguised the places as airports serving the destination city, e.g. Stockholm Skavsta airport (60 miles from Stockholm), Frankfurt Hahn (75 miles), Brussels Charleroi (30 miles), to name but a few. There is no way that these towns serve as a destination point for all but a few local residents.
If genuine low cost destinations are to be offered, it's almost impossible to operate to regular mainstream airports without a massive hike in charges and fares. Unfortunately, too many of the paying public are gullible and get sucked in by the basic lead-in fares that are published, not appreciating the true cost in money, time and hassle of the more remote airports.


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