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Spirit Airlines Follows Frontier and Abandons Cuba

In early 2016, more than a dozen U.S. airlines were battling each other for the chance to begin flights to Cuba's capital city, Havana. What a difference a year makes. American Airlines and JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ:JBLU) -- the two largest airlines in Cuba -- have cut their capacity there. Last month, ultra-low cost carrier Frontier Airlines and regional airline Silver Airways announced that they would pull out of the Cuban market entirely. ( Altro...

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I just came back from a people-to-people mission to Cuba. On the return we were originally booked on an AA Airbus, one of two daily flights from Cienfuegos to Miami. By the time the trip took place the Cienfuegos-Miami route, served solely by AA, was reduced to one daily RT with an American Eagle ERJ. Until the tourism and visitor infrastructure in Cuba is improved, and limitations set by the U.S. on travel to Cuba for tourist purposes are changed, the U.S.-Cuba air market is unlikely to develop the way that the airlines were hoping for when they all grabbed U.S.-Cuba market authority.
Welcome to the Prison Island....
n9341c 2
I SOOOO badly want to go see a Caribbean nation still so mired in socialism that its infrastructure is decrepit and failing but I can at least get a frikken Mohito on a beach! It just sounds like such a total DREAM vacation!
Are you saying you don't find "East Germany with palm trees" attractive?
Mojito's and rum EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately I don't drink so that was wasted on me.


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