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UK tourists to US may get asked to hand in passwords or be denied entry

Tourists from the UK and other US allies including Germany and France, could be forced to reveal personal data, as well as disclose financial information and face detailed ideological questioning, according to Trump administration officials quoted by the Wall Street Journal. While US citizens have established rights against unlawful searches at the border, the extent to which foreign travellers can resist requests to hand over personal information is unclear. ( Altro...

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I wish Australia had a government with balls
Pa Thomas 1
Wait til UK and Euro Zone retaliation kicks in.
jeff slack 1
So who will be the first one to tell me not to post a political comment when the article is about the politics voted for?

Wake up boobus Americans you have elected a fascist govt.
No they are replacing a fascist govt.
Good on you America. Every person whatever colour, religion or race including us Anglo whites should be vetted carefully. It is the only way to combat terrorism. USA has the balls to do it. The EU will not do anything, they are the cause of the problems we now have.
Obviously you include Americans, if not then useless decision.
"The cause of the problems"... groan. I don't suppose you consider blowing up half of the Middle East and creating millions of refugees flooding into Europe as having anything to do with these "problems". Jeez.


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