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UPS Airlines 747-8F Coming in 2017

And finally, the biggest (😉) news of 2016 – the @BoeingAirplanes 747-8F will be joining our fleet in the fall of 2017! #UPS2016Memories ( Altro...

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Keep them coming Boeing!
Sad to see all of the US carriers (airlines) no longer flying the 74. UA just stopped and DL announced its retiring their fleet as well. Still the best platform for hauling freight.....
UA hasn't stopped completely, it seems. UA 59 from FRA to SFO on 2/27/2017 is scheduled for a 747-400.
That's why I bought a roundtrip ticket for YUL-PVG in 3 months with a 744 with Delta.
I'm happy that customers are still going to keep purchasing B747s because I will be sad to see them go.
UPS has an terminal here in Memphis and I occasionally see one of their 747 in. Just across Winchester Rd is another freight operation. I have never understood why they avoid the 747's. During the Christmas season they lease 74's to help with the load. Well, whatever the reason, they know a lot more about their business than I do.
Saw three Atlas Air 747's in the pattern (vis FlightRadar24) for arrival @ MEM just before Christmas.
Jim DeTour 1
Would be nice if they run deals on extra baggage allowed free instead of scalping like everyone else does these days. Buy a flight to Europe and get cheap shipping out of Europe for a year? Would be real nice.
tb1011 1
Terry G.

Its is not the same as it's…
anthony96 -4
I think ups already have 747-8f do thay
No. Here is a list of what is currently in their fleet.
Airbus A300 - 52
Boeing 747-400 - 13
Boeing 757-200 - 75
Boeing 767-300 - 59
McDonnell Douglas MD11 -37
Total of 236 in their fleet.


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