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World's shortest commercial flight (47 seconds) flies its one millionth passenger (Video)

Aggiunto The world’s shortest flight, a tiny hop between two remote British islands, celebrated Monday taking its millionth passenger on the route. The 2.7km (1.7-mile) flight between Westray and Papa Westray in the Orkney islands, off mainland Scotland’s northeast coast, holds the Guinness World Record as the shortest scheduled service.The flight, in an eight-seater Britten Norman Islander aircraft, officially takes two minutes but with favourable winds it can… ( Altro...

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joel wiley 8
It occurred to me that the route is somewhat shorter than the takeoff distance of an A380.
I doubt Emirates will be entering this market 8-)
They code share
It's a connector. The A380 flies out of Kirkwall! (JK)
dee9bee 7
I'm guessing the inflight movie is rather short! Neat video.
bdarnell 1
Probably no beverage service, either.
I suppose the pilots log about 25 hours per year with 730 landings.
John Yount 4
Probably don't have to be placed in a holding pattern very often.
Occasionally, if there are two airplanes on the ramp, there's flow control...
zennermd 3
That would easily double or triple your travel time.
bentwing60 1
If they had a new generation US ATC specialist it would be delayed.
"We hope you enjoyed your inflight peanut. And, err, umm - we still managed to lose your luggage..."
garritt 3
they could just install a catapult 77 a net on both ends...WEEEEeeeee!
Lots of interesting flights in Orkney and particularly Shetland. I have done most of the Shetland routes but will add this to my bucket list pronto!
scott8733 3
I hope the crew isn't paid from takeoff to touchdown
I can see everyone having fun with this one, so...
do you have to be at the airport 90min before flight time? and security takes ?
You really should go try this one or one of several others in Orkney or Shetland. The "Terminal building may be a bench under a roof overhang (Foula in Shetland) or an exotic room (about 3m square) like on Fair Isle. It is a wonderful experience and unlike most other flying.
Not to be too picky, it should be noted the video was not taken from a Britten Norman Islander.
I actually saw the shadow after a replay to confirm my belief. The engine noise is what I heard first.
I do not know, but how can you tell?
Shadow at 1:30 shows a single prop plane.
It would take a long time to build up frequent flyer miles of any appreciable amount.
bentwing60 2
Now that's an airline I'd come out of retirement for, I like props. And the rest of the fleet.
TWA55 1
I hope the pilot did not fly all those pax flights
board & unload are 400 percent more than the flight time
vonerot8 1
Ha, the flight time is enough to climb to 500ft and simulate a forced landing onto the island's airstrip every time!
vonerot8 2
and on the radio, you can say, "I'll be there in a minute"!
joel wiley 2
If something happened to the flight, overdue would be quickly noticed and SAR wouldn't take long.
It looks like people over there haven't heard of boats.
The weather is unpredictable and it is easy to get caught in a storm in a small boat. Papa Westray has a population of about 30 people including kids. Not sure if there is a ferry or if the kids go to school on the island. The history of Orkney is Viking. They knew about boats I believe.


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