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Video - Bombardier 415 Superscooper Fills Up in California Southern Sierras

This great video shows a Superscooper descending to pick up 1,600 US gallons of water and then climbing out for another water drop on the Cedar Fire. Video by Chuck Barbee and shared with permission. ( Altro...

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PJ Ickes 6
Awesome video! Thanks for sharing! & Thank You to all the aviation & non-aviation Firefighters, Police, State Troopers, Medics for your devotion to keep all safe.

This has got to be a tough piece of flying: the change in weight and center of gravity has to be a real challenge.Not to mention the deceleration from the resistance of the water being scooped up.

I am also amazed at what must go on when doing an air drop as far as changing/shifting COG and weight.
Serious cajones on all the firefighters battling those blazes, whether from the air or on the ground.
Bill Vance 2
These pilots do work hard for their flight pay and we all thank them for it. BTW - This video has been viewed on Facebook over 186,000 times and shared 1,100 times. (That's a lot.)
Jim DeTour 1
Hope there's some screening on the dump door so they keep the fish :)
Ron Lorenz 1
These Folks are so Talented! Thank you all!
Boatplanes ARE still alive and well!
Man, that's pretty cool.
At 0:56 I can see water being ejected from just below the wing. Is this tank overflow?
That is correct sir.
BigFED 2
BigFED 1
Outstanding video and flying!!! That is one way to disprove the old saying "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink! Wanna bet??? Drink or swim!
Watch the opening sequence to Steven Spielberg's "Always".


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