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Plane Missing; Search Continues

The Coast Guard says the search continues Wednesday for three men aboard a single-engine plane that went missing in the Mississippi Sound shortly after takeoff from Gulfport. ( Altro...

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Flight track in FA...

Certainly not a good omen to find debris... prayers for the families of these men.
I notice sometimes the radar snapshot is off from the flight time. I wonder if the airplane found its way into an embedded cell. Either way, looking like a sad event.
bentwing60 1
How far can you go in shortly after takeoff? Doesn't sound like 1200 sq. miles worth.
joel wiley 1
Last reported location 30.4336 -88.8594 Hdg 84° 2100 ft. Maybe he turned South.
bentwing60 1
That put's em in the bay northeast of Biloxi. The ceiling and vis. were not particularly bad, but the picture east bound certainly wasn't pretty.
Stan Haney 1
I know this family. My calculations are pointing north of Channel Island. An area of about less than 10 square miles.
Stan Haney 1
The Miletello family.
Stan Haney 1
I wrote the wrong distance down. It should have read less than 3 mile radius.
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Coast Guard searching for missing aircraft in Mississippi

The U.S. Coast Guard and local agencies continue their search on Wednesday for the three people who were aboard a Lancair single-engine plane missing near Pascagoula, Miss.


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