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BA Implements New Boarding Procedures, Reduces Size of Carry-On Bags

British Airways announced a new procedure for boarding as well as a reduction in the size of hand baggage that can be brought onto the aircraft. The most significant change is to the order of in which passengers will board. Effective immediately, passengers will board based on two criteria:... ( Altro...

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Through the decades of jet travel one airline or another has tried to limit carry on baggage. In the piston plane days they weighed everything and charged more after a smallish allowance. Inside the cabin there were no overhead bins, even on early 707's there was simply an open shelf to store a coat or hat. A "travel" bag could be put under the seat in front. There was still room for feet and knees in those days. Economy seats actually reclined!

Now BA is joining the camp to force smaller carry on's to ensure higher revenue from checked baggage. I'll bet you can even pay at the gate with your iPhone!

More insidious is the boarding (pecking) order. The real reason for the change is to cut staff. If they can crowd the sardines into the can faster it will require less people standing around with broad smiles and nice suits in the terminal. There will be increased pressure on staff to load 'em quick, shut the door and move on to the next gate.

You have to love the MBA's who have the ear of the CEO. They can show them how to save millions by cutting services, but they received no higher education in marketing. Passengers will show their appreciation with their heels as they walk out the door.

Been awhile since I endured a BA flight, are they still as bad as Sir Richard (Branson) says they are?
Not at all. BA seems to do well based on a couple of recent flights with them. Branson is just eating sour grapes in the hope of luring more people to his airborn buses.
Lee Smith 3
Ric, You have hit the nail on the head. Last fight out of KTPA to GATWICK was slight above average. THEN it was time to return home. The flight was the NIGHTMARE IN THE SKY. Parents and kids not allowed to sit together at first. (Passengers changed seat's so this could be fixed for the sake of the children) Poor service by the cabin crew for leaving empty food trays with the passengers, after the meals were consumed, watched passengers take the empty trays to the back of the 777-200. Not sure what the CEO is trying to do (as well as other CEO's) other then DRIVE the PAYING PASSENGERS AWAY. Plain and simple, One of the WORST FOREIGN FLAG Carriers lately. But they are not to be outdone, yet, via our American Flag carriers that are getting focus on the DOLLAR and NOT PASSENGERS. Plain and simple, GREED of the STOCKHOLDERS. BA seems to have LOST that old world charm and comfortable that I have known it for. Your last sentence says what I need to do, Check out Virgin Atlantic next time over to London or the EU. Cattle PLANE Transportation is what it has become.
The new boarding method seems to be exactly that used by United at LHR for the past 5-6years - as for carry ons I for one will be glad to see the back of big backpacks etc. blocking the gate as I try to get to my 1st Class BA seat.
mzscapes 1
Do they realize they just severely increased airport staff to customer interactions (time at gate) with the yellow tag requirement ??? Even if they save time on boarding (no one has been able to do it), the yellow tag requirement will negate that... And I whole heartily agree, we fly Virgin Atlantic when visiting home... Have not stepped on a BA airplane since 2000... Cheers...
Eve Olson 0
23kg for a carryon? You gotta be kidding.
s2v8377 0
Thank you British Airways for finding a way to make things even worse!!! Good work!!!


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