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Embraer E190s Coming To Delta Air Lines

Delta announced today that they will be acquiring 20 Embraer E190 jets as well as 40 additional Boeing 737-900ERs. ( Altro...

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Great article. Who the hell thought a picture of a Jet Blue plane in front of a fire was a good idea?
Mike Dacre 1
Does this mean they are finally retiring the MD-80 and 83's? I sure hope so!
Hahahaha, Delta's never getting rid of their beloved Md-88/90s. They are good planes though; ok, so, they may not be the most comfortable in the back, but they get the job done. I'm guessing these aircraft will take over shuttle America for flights between La Guardia, DC, and Boston also on the West Coast between LAX and San Francisco. As I saw in an earlier comment.
Jan F 1
This article is wrong. They will only acquire the new aircraft IF the pilots approve a new agreement.
preacher1 2
That may be true but as they are going mainline rather than regional, that is just more jobs. I haven't seen the pay scale but it is very doubtful pilots will turn it down.
I bet those ERJ-190s are coming from AAL's x-US Airways planes. Because US Airways had exactly 20 ERJs when they merged with AAL, and AAL probably wants a more synchronized fleet.
Jan F 3
They're coming from Boeing. The author of this article didn't read Delta's press release.
Interesting, I didn't know that Boeing owned ERJs.
wx1996 5
I think is was a deal with Air Canada where Boeing took them for more 737s.


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