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American Airlines Implements Banked Flight Schedule in Chicago and Dallas

On Sunday, American implemented a major change in how it schedules flights at the two airports, putting banks of flights into fairly narrow time windows. Banking flights, as it is called, means that more flights arrive and depart in short period of time, offering tighter and presumably better connections for connecting passengers. The hope is that a shorter layover at either of these hubs will, which translates to an overall shorter travel time, will convince more travelers to fly American.... ( Altro...

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mbv9415 2
Listening to KORD ground today. I think the narrow alley ways are causing some of the problems. One of the controllers just commented sarcastically about how well the re-banking is working out. Of course, it is early in the process; bugs to be worked out as they develop the plan. Numerous cases of planes not being ready to push when they called for approval, then losing their slots in the line.
preacher1 2
Well, pilots trying to make time and like Southwest, keep that almighty schedule.
preacher1 1
This will be a good thing for pax if the OT % is there. If an inbound flight is late, several people may be screwed. Not real good for airport vendors either. Just sayin'.
And not good if you have bags to transfer
preacher1 2
I don't know how they did it but the old Frontier had what they called ON LINE BAGGE TRANSFER, in which they guaranteed your bags to follow if you were connecting on one of their planes. We were late on a Convair out of FSM to DAL. As I deplaned I was not but about 3 gates away from the connection to ABQ on a 737, sitting there already boarding and waiting on me, I gout to ABQ but about halfway there, the FA told me to be sure and go by baggage claim as bags were on board. They were proud of that.
Under the old Frontier the CV580's were always parked two gates away in any direction. They pulled bags and stacked them in the alleys for a cart to pick them up and take them to connecting flights. It was simple then, before automation.
scott8733 1
I think this is the first time I've ever read the word 'efficiency' mentioned in the same article with American and KORD.


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