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Red Bull Air Force pilot Hannes Arch takes us on a wild ride over the beautiful landscape of the Austrian Alps.

The gut wrenching video take us through an aerobatic flight over the Austrian Alps with Hannes Arch. (Phew I am still dizzy writing this. ( Altro...

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I wish I could do that but at my age and physical condition it will never happen.
You all be safe.
smoki 1
Red Bull Air Race Competition Team....not Red Bull Air Force. Race will be at Texas Motor Speedway next weekend, Sep 6-7. This unique motorsport competition was originally conceivd in Austria circa 2001 with the first race held in 2003. Austrian Hannes Arch is a multiple RB champion and leads the competition this season. Race was cancelled 3 consecutive years 2011-2013 while standardized rules and procedures were instituted for safety. An American pilot has won the championship 4 times while a Brit pilot, Paul Bonhomme, has the most championships. Only one crash during competition into the water off Perth Australia in which the Brazilian pilot survived with minor injuries. Only one airplane at a time runs the timed course and is scored according to time and precision in passing air gates (paired and single inflated pylons) in the slalom course. Airspeed and Gs are telemetered in real time to judges and spectator screens. Max of 10 G's allowed during the race with 200 knots being the max starting speed allowed. Lycoming engines are standard.
It is the Red Bull Air Race, NOT Red Bull Air Force!
The way it is presented on video buddy
John Beech 1
Julius, you are right. He belongs to the Red Bull Air Race Team, there is no Red Bull Air Force, just a mistake by the OP
Jim Turner 1
Still ANOTHER decent video RUINED by STUPID music!
btweston 3
Capital LETTERS!

Cheer up, friend.
Jim Turner 0
Very cool video. I am okay with the Music. Not sure how music can be STUPID??? Only people and actions.


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