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Time lapse of an airport makes airplanes look like shooting stars

Aside from going through security and lugging around your carry on and rushing to the gate and avoiding human swarms, airplanes are magical places. Okay, maybe not. But there's beauty in how they operate. Just watch this ballet of airplanes at Shanghai's airport. It's like seeing man made shooting stars. ( Altro...

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Why the last-moment slight 'blip' or hump in altitude on final approach? Not an anomaly, they're all doing it throughout the video. what for? Requirement for THIS specific airport?
This is not Shanghai's Airport an error on sploid. I was shot at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Here is the original and the BTS blog by the photographer
Milton Tan.

Original on Vimeo
I think the hump is an optical illusion.
Looks like they are flying level to join an ILS. It appears like they are climbing as they are getting closer to you.
When they get on glideslope, they start their descent.
Ed Mentz 1
Sounds like a fun thing to do, but I have been hassled by PD with my camera @ JFK,Newark , tho not so much @ lag...
Wow; great stuff. Curious about the approach sequence too.
I love the feeling of taking off and landing--not so much when reaching the altitude of destination. It feels like the engines -shut off--lol


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