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One injured after small plane makes emergency landing on Highway 287 in Arlington

One person was injured after a small plane made an emergency landing on a flyover ramp at Highway 287 and Interstate 20 Friday afternoon, Arlington Fire Department said. According to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford, police said the pilot of the single-engine Cessna was not injured, but the plane hit a vehicle, injuring at least one person. One person has been transported to an area hospital. Their condition was not available. The plane was towing a banner when the pilot… ( Altro...

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The information about the plane attempting to land on the fly-over bridge is incorrect. It was landing on the wide median at the juncture between I20 and Hwy 287. With both the Rangers Ballpark and Cowboy Stadium (few locals use the commercial designations), banner-towing planes above Arlington are a common sight. I've often wondered what would happen if one of them had an in-air emergency. Thankfully, this pilot had the sense and skill to TRY to land in what appeared to be a safe area. According to the person the plane is headed toward, it hit a bump and became airborne again before hitting the bridge and the truck.

See the original YouTube upload and comments by the person who took the footage at
For additional photos see:


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