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Four Seasons selling vacations on a 52-seat 757

The Four Seasons 757 has 52 lie-flat seats and is part of a package vacation with multiple stops around the world, $120K PP. ( More...

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Tim Lamborn 7
Gee for 120k I'd expect nothing less than a777.
steve rogers 5
ya that will go perfect with my one night stay at the burj Dubai , $24,000
canuck44 3
Need to get my eyes "stand" for "stay".
LOL, so did I!
canuck44 5
Good news...if you don't want to be bothered with 50 other peasants like your are riding a bus full of tourons around Florida, you can charter the whole jet for a small additional fee.
BaronG58 3
120k.....will you still have to pay for checked bags??
jmilleratp 3
For that price, you get one checked bag per person. Additional bags are $10,000 a piece!
steve rogers 1
does the 120k include jet lag ?
chalet 1
It comes to $ 5 THOUSAND BUCKS PER DAY PER PERSON.........They are crazy as hell if they think tHAT there will half house. It is
chalet 1
They are crazy as hell if they think that they will be able to sell even half a house.
Nah, there are plenty of people with the money that will do it!!!
chalet 1
They have money because they were judicious to spend it.
PhotoFinish 1
The Four Seasons has a many decade long reputation for executing excellent customer service. Plus they have a rolodex of past and current customers, which overlaps with just the people who would want to shell out the big bucks for an over the top first class experience with lots of pampering and catering.

I personally would take the same money (or more likely much, much, much less) and create a more unique and personalized around the world trip. [that is if I had that kind of money to spend on a trip]

But I don't mind getting my hands dirty (figuratively speaking). I prefer to carry my own luggage, and I like to make my own way through far away lands, meeting people along my path. So I'm not their target market.

But there are many folks who would love the mother of all guided tours.
Will be sunbathing at Victorville by August....
John Oddo 1
Whats the NC # would like to track it and see where they are flying to and from?
Looks a little bit the same as "our" 747-400 with 180 something seats from Houston to Luanda every 28 days.
Who is that with?
Bruce Blake 1
Just talked to a friend that actually looked at this. His comment was:

We actually looked at one of these.
I believe I read where you have your own doctor on the trip with you.
Every seat is a first class seat!
I think you have your own cooking crew, not just a chef travel with the group as well.
Indeed, truly First Class.
What hooked me was the 'Tease" offer. I thought where I read it cost only $39,000 for the trip. What I failed to read was that was the 1/4th payment on the trip we were looking at.....
And so it goes....
tim mitchell 1
Four Seasons Private Jet Experience....."Come cruise the sky"
Grab a lift on this while you can..... I don't see it lasting that long.
pilotusa917 1
Any idea on which air carrier is actually operating the aircraft?
Art these being run by TCS and Starquest Expeditions? ( ) ... if they are they would probably be in a Thomson plane ... G-OOBE is often used ... the interior fitout used to fly UK tourists to Malaga is removed and 18 rows of first class seats are fitted ... and the branding on the outside of the plane is modified to remove the TUI smile etc.
13 rows of lie flat seats fitted in this case - don't be superstitious now!
Bruce Blake 1
Should we leave the kids out of the loop and will my wife pay her half? I am in!
jmilleratp 1
I'm taking a guess that you could do it on your own for a bit less!
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Four Seasons Hotels Debuts Boeing 757 Jet

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts announced its entry into air transport with the launch of the Four Seasons Jet.

The Boeing 757-300 will be outfitted in a Four Seasons livery and will seat 52 passengers. A normal Boeing 757-300 can hold as many as 232 passengers, depending on the particular airline’s configuration....


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