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Onboard the jetBlue A321 Inaugural

The first thing you notice on a JetBlue flight is always the legroom, and there’s loads of it. Nominally the seat pitch is 34 inches, which is about what you get in Economy Plus on United (and the premium economy cabins for Delta and American). But the JetBlue A321 seats felt much more spacious for whatever reason (the wider seats probably help,) and these were just standard economy class seats. I imagine that the Even More Space seats feel like sitting in domestic First Class. ( More...

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preacher1 2
Funny to me, we can talk about and nit pick every little bad thing, BUT, in just about any article you read on them or Southwest, Customer service always is at the top of the list of things they are noted for. They must be doing something right. I wonder why other airlines can't follow their example. The one thing noted in the article is they both treat their employees like assets rather than crap. That could have something to do with it. Most folks can tell a fake smile.
preacher1 1
I will add that earlier in the year, we were going to hire 3 pilots and had over 1000 applications. On most of them, while they were making good money and in some cases more than what we were talking about, the most often listed reason for them wanting to change was that they were tired of being treated as something less than human.
Roland Dent 1
I witnessed the begining of this management culture back in 92. It was very much dog eat dog and you do "what I tell you to do". JetBlue is without doubt the best domestic operator in the UK. There is a gig world out there Wayne and if I was 25 again I would up sticks and head out east or west to a better life.
Better they got a we love you and voucher from the flight attendents rather than grabbing a beer, popping the emergy slide and ....well, whatever happened to that dude?
Roland Dent 1
WOOOPS I mean the USA...haha.. as most of you know I live in the UK, glad to say I am not rivetted to the place...haha Happy Holidays all round. NTSM made a good job of the Asiana investigation. I would like to see Ms Hersman give the reports but that is just me.
MimosaDrive 1
Jet Blue and Virgin America are the airlines I always try for first when I'm travelling. Unfortunately they don't go to some of the cities I need to travel to.

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spatr 7
May want to do some research on that. While not the best paid, they're hardly the cheapest.
Check Frontier's pay, they're cheap!


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