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'Missiles fired at' Russian plane with 159 passengers onboard flying over Syria

Two missiles were reportedly fired at a Russian plane with at least 159 passengers on board that was flying over Syrian territory. Russian officials admit the jet faced danger, but are not talking of a targeted attack. ( Altro...

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Anyone else think this is a fake? Either:
A.) The pilots made this up; perhaps they saw ground fire, were concerned for the safety of the aircraft flew higher then the story snowballed from there.
B.) The Syrian Government (with the help of their allies, the Russians) fabricated the story in an effort to make the rebels look bad.
I am also very skeptical of RT using a pro-Assad and only a pro-Assad commentator, who made a lot of scathing statements without all of the facts being fully know or verified.
preacher1 2
It is probable that it could happen. On most shoulder fired stuff though, 10,000AGL will get you out of range, hence a decision to go higher. The Russian official is very wrong on missle firing positions and that the pilots could not have seen the flash. He needs to talk to a few Vietnam era pilots, after NV got the SAMs. I don't think you have near the exhaust off a shoulder fire that you would off a SAM of some type but they both definitely come up from the bottom and pilots(and crew) can see the light.
Yeah, I remember an El Al (I think) flight from Johannesburg (or maybe Daresalem) to Tel Aviv that was fired upon. Didn't the pilots and passengers see the white smoke from the rockets fly past them?
preacher1 3
Yeah, it's all been awhile back and I have slept since then, but I think you are correct. I remember when Bush went into Iraq that first time. When Tillmon brought AF1 out, he went to a max climb to get to 10grand agl ASAP, in order to get out of stinger range.Can't believe they didn't take a shot at him but they either didn't or else we never heard about it to keep from giving anybody else ideas.
Preacher, how fast can AF1 or any 747 get that high? Sorry not a pilot but love aviation.
preacher1 1
Patrick, to tell you the truth I don't know the answer to that, not being typed on a 47. All are a tad different as far as exact climb rate, depending on type and engines.
It's not very fast, when packed with all that electronic gear and mods made to withstand nuc blast
Preacher/Matt thank you for the response.
joel wiley 0
The Aircraft was reported at 9800 meters. The range of a stinger missile is about half that. Unless the units were mis-reported and were in feet, if it occurred, it probably was bigger than a shoulder fired missile. It it was in feet, what was the aircraft doing so low?

Too many grains of salt needed for my low-sodium diet.


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