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(Video) NASA 377SGT Super Guppy Landing, Rare!!

Laurence G. Hanscom Field (KBED) / 3.26.2013 United States - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Aero-Spacelines 377SGT Super Guppy makes an extremely rare (maybe first time visit) to Hanscom Field. Track it on flightaware: ( Altro...

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view from inside at another field
Not the Super Guppy , but the all white 767 in the background!!!
The Celtics use that 767.
I think it was interesting to see it land nose gear first..!! I had to watch it three times to confirm it. How much would the pilots feel in the controls with a landing like that..??
Gene Nowak 1
I can confirm nose first. However, it looks like the right main gear hits a fraction of a second later with the left main a second after that. Almost like a cross wind landing except, he got the nose down a little early.
Toby Sharp 1
probably a little vibration through the rudder pedals is all
Mark Holm 1
Looked at another video of Turbo Supper Guppy landing. That one also looked like nose gear first, though gently. Perhaps this plane just needs to come in slightly nose low.
The Chicago Balckhawks have recently chartered that aircraft as well...

Wheelbarrow landing - One would think that NASA crews could do better than that.
Could be the flight characteristics don't encourage a full flare, maybe a total loss of elevator control at low speeds, but nose first? Maybe what you saw was the same pilot - can't be very many of them.
Cool photos, light and perspective. Landed tight and didn't have to brake or reverse much. Maybe he was trying for a short roll or had a load.
thanks for this


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