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Key West Stunt Pilot Freddy Cabanas Dies In Mexico Plane Crash

Key West stunt pilot Fred Cabanas, who has entertained hundreds of thousands of people around the world with his dare-devil aerobatics at air shows, died Tuesday in an aviation accident near Cozumel, Mexico. ( Altro...

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I've taken aerobatics Lessons from Freddy and he was a true gentleman, his Hangar is always open for transient pilots checking out his toys. RIP.
Toby Sharp 1
Very Cool, thanks for sharing!
I've been up with Freddy in his Pitts several times.... He was an outstanding pilot and an all around great person.
I always remember walking my dogs Reggie and KoKo over to Freddie's Island Aeroplanes where he and his son Raymond would fuss over them. I lived in a condo at the end of the runway and it was always a treat to see Freddie take off in a dramatic fashion in his Pitts S-2. Another time I rode my bicycle down to the other end of the island where I watched Freddie doing aerobatics over the Gulf of Mexico at sunset. Ah, what an awesome sight! But just watching his Waco siteseeing aircraft was just a singular treat for me almost everyday. Thanks for the great memories, Freddie and thanks for being such a great guy!
As we say, he was one of the good guys for aviation. When he would drop by the shop, always had agreat story to tell, and never said no to a beer,after the flying was done for the day.
Freddy & I were good friends. We learned to fly together many years ago. His spirit, friendship and skill are legendary. He will be sorely missed, but knowing Freddy, he wouldn't have wanted to go any other way. He died doing what he loved just as our mutual instructor and mentor, Thurston J. Hinyub did several years ago. Please, no RIPing for Freddy, just clear skies and lots of horsepower. Anyone who ever flew with Freddy forever after suffered from Post Ecstatic Joy Disorder. (My psychotherapist wife coined that phrase)
Jumped from Freddy's inverted Pitts over Chanute AFB in Illinois. Chatted with him about acro and air racing. Great guy and a truly exceptional stick and rudder man. He will sure be missed.

Mark Meltzer
Nice shot here
from "Eric the Red Hot - the Photography of Eric Dumigan"


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