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Boeing 767 landing gear door falls off, lands in Kent WA neighborhood

Door from 767 lands unscheduled in Kent, WA Witnesses said the refrigerator-size panel hit the ground, skipped about 30 feet before stopping on Southeast 231st Way near 128th Place. ( Altro...

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I want Preachers view on this event.
"Looks like a little better Pre-Flight Inspection would be in order!" LOL
isardriver 1
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Boeing 767's landing gear door falls into neighborhood near Seattle

The landing gear door of a Boeing 767 fell from the sky and narrowly missed a car parked a couple of feet away in Kent, Wash., NBC station KING 5 of Seattle reported.
Stuff happens. Lot of moving parts in the slipstream of an aircraft. Back in the early '70's I worked for a company that operated DC-6, CV-640, and L-188 freighters out of ATL. From time to time the airport would call us to come identify/pick-up various sheet metal panels, cowling parts, etc., that had been brought in from surrounding neighborhoods in the runway flight paths. Old news is no news. Glad no one was injured.
sounds like yall had quit a bit of those incidents for them to know to call yall every time something fell from the
Jan F 1
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Refrigerator-Size Plane Door Crashes Into Washington Neighborhood

Residents in a Seattle suburb are questioning how and why a sheet of metal the size of a refrigerator fell from the sky and onto a heavily trafficked street.
quite rare but it happens, how it fell off i dont know. but im pretty sure that is meant to stay on unless its in maintanence
mark tufts 1
i agree ivan as pre-flight checkout would be good to do twice over WITH ground crew
sparkie624 1
This is not really new, and I not sure it is news worthy. Pieces have been falling off planes for years. Usually because of improper installation. the plane obviously landed safely.... get a new door, or repair the old one. Obviously did ok for the flight... maybe they can put a CDL against it and fly it until a new one arrives.
true sparkie
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Door Falls off Boeing 767 Landing in Kent, Washington

A cargo plane en route to Seattle-Tacoma lost one of its landing gear doors mid-flight.


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