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International routes announced for United 787 Dreamliner

We’ll kick off our 787 international routes on December 4, with service between our Houston hub and Amsterdam. This route will be offered through March 29, 2013. Next up is service between Los Angeles and Tokyo, with daily flights beginning on January 3, 2013, followed by nonstop service five days a week between Houston and Lagos, Nigeria, starting on January 7. From February 4 to March 29, our 787 will fly between Houston and London Heathrow. On March 30, we will operate flights between Los… ( Altro...

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Mark Duell 2
That was the first route they started selling tickets for since it's new, but not the first route that will operate.
Great videos and pictures.

Thank you!
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United announces 1st international routes for 787 Dreamliner

That first "long-haul" route will come from Houston, where the airline plans to begin nonstop 787 service on Dec. 4 to Amsterdam. The Dreamliner will replace the Boeing 767 that United flies on the route "on a temporary basis."
Watching porn in a 787 ;)
Andy Tyler 0
yeah so what ever happened to that IAH-AKL route that was overhyped and advertised as their first 787 route? was that all for show? Or is it a just a middle finger to the city of houston? both wouldn't surprise me with the current management.
They dropped it right after they didn't get their way in stopping WN's int'l flights from Hobby. So, yeah, the big finger.
Recall the time when aircraft had character? 727, DC10, 747-200 ( nice and noisy! ) etc? I cannot get excited by this creature , ok the economics and technologies are excellent, so why did not Boeing simply shrink the 777 and use composite materials and the new tech?

Besides it is so darned ugly.............!
kyle dunst 0
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United Announces More 787 International Flights

United has announced its complete lineup of the first 787 international flights. Domestic routes to be announced soon!
Dee Lowry 0
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!
WTG United, I help build there Airplane, so nice.
Dee Lowry 0
Mary, she really is a beauty! Even more so when you see her inflight!
This is a beautiful aircraft. Well done Boeing.
WTG United, I helped build this one for them, ooooooooooso nice.
Glad it's coming to KLAX.


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