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TWA Museum Opens in Airline’s Original KC Headquarters

Eighty-one years ago, Trans World Airlines opened the doors to its headquarters at 10 Richards Road, what is now the location of Wheeler Downtown Airport. Today, the TWA Museum opens in the same location. Read more here: ( Altro...

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Jim Kerr 2
Takes me back. While I never did fly on TWA, I fondly remember seeing the giant TWA sign on one of the cargo buildings that were adjacent to PHL airport as a child.
Jim....I have a couple pictures of that giant TWA neon share.......A Dear friend sent them to me...........I would love to send to you as well!!!!!....I think you will agree there is NO such thing as a Bad picture...with the letters TWA on it..........!!!!
slgordon3 1
I remember that big building at PHL! I think it was actually a maintenance hangar? In any case thanks for the great memory.
Also i stumbled on this commercial from 1994 for TWA, the one with the little jingle that goes "T-W-A-ay-ay the most comfortable way to fly." That jingle is still stuck in my head. You can watch it here...
pilot0987 1
I drove by there not three weeks ago and looked like a ghost hanger.
I was hoping they'd have some sort of TWA shrine at the old JFK terminal 5.
Can't wait to fly there in the next few weeks and go by there to check it out.
This is just great and OVER DUE .. made this former TWA'er happy !! 8o)
TWA took me away. It was my favorite airline.
Rob Martin 1
I am a former flight attendant and flight service manager from TWA....I am so thrilled to hear this...What a great tribute to all the TWA family. Coming back to KC in November and can't wait to see the former bases were ORD(Chicago), MCI(Kansas City, MO) STL (St.Louis) and JFK(New York) .....I worked mostly on the L-10, 707, 727, D-9-51, MD 80, 767, and 757....Memories for sure!
I grew up watching the TWA Wide bodies.....back in the 60's and 70's !!!our house was in the flight path accross the Mississippi River on Illinois side....There was an Awesome jetspotting the end of 12R and 12L...later in the early 90's.....we still would go this jetspot park...and sneak closer to the perimeter fence..lay between the parallels..the jets would pass right over us..laying back on the ground....and damn close after they would rotate.....on take off!!!!!!!!!!!....Of course before American Airlines' ran the bus over TWA...back before 9/11...back before the "White Elephant" Runway was built.....course planning for this 10,000 ft walking track..was 10 years in the was too late to stop the building of that runway..back before 9/11......Lambert Field and TWA Airline's will always be the Aviation "Loves of my Life"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I MissTWA...hence the name of my blog..........."".....MissTWA..(because I really do 'Miss TWA Airline's)..
joncon25 1
I remember my first flight from LAX to SFO on a Super G Connie in 1956. Fantastic! My first job was in reservations for a summer job between college semesters. What a fun group of people. Thanks for the memories.
Rick Ploen 1
I can remember flying on TWA's Convair 880's from Boston to Pittsburgh in the early 1970s
iFlyGr8 1
Awesome! I miss TWA.
I fondly recall flying to Frankfurt from STL with family for the first time and discovering that Uli Derickson (TWA 847 high jacking) was taking good care of us up front. What a first class person and airline!!! I miss them both
I loved TWA. I flew TWA between BWI and STL almost every week for 7 months fixing problems - my data center was in STL.. and then later between IAD and STL once or twice a month. Great service & the best people to take you where you're going. Hated it when American took over... TWA was the BEST!!!
-- Bob
As a retired Trans World Airline employee I what to thank everyone for their comments. It was a great place to work. (36 Years)
Bob Ibanez 1
Forty-four years ago on March 4, 1968, with my resume in hand, I taxied a brand new Cessna 150 up to the headquarters of TWA at 10 Richards Road, which was on the Kansas City Municipal Airport. I had just picked up that airplane from the Cessna factory near Wichita, Kansas to ferry that airplane to its new owner at Edwards Airport on Long Island, New York. Edwards is now an active historical landmark,
Two months later on May 31, 1968 I started Boeing 707 pilot training at TWA in Kansas City, the beginning of a great 37 year airline pilot career. Thank you TWA and all its great TWA family!


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