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(Video) Dangerous Russian 767 takeoff in bad wx?

Video shows a takeoff from a passenger window. Youtube title and comments asserts it's "crazy dangerous," but what's the consensus from pilots on FA about the weather? ( More...

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kevin henchey 6
that was a normal takeoff... absolutely nothing was dangerous about that!
houtxpilot 4
Looks like there was a strong cross wind. I didn't see any lightning or anything. If the wind speeds were in limits, I would say this is just another day. We take off in this kind of weather all of the time...
preacher1 2
I'm with you. What's the big deal. Some days you earn your money. Sometimes you have an easy day, just like any job. I don't see the problem.
klimchuk 1
If you do please publish video, would be happy to see view from cockpit
Dubslow 4
Nothing dangerous, but seeing the water streaming over the wings is pretty cool ;)
Tom Bruce 3
looks like max fuel load for long range flight... long take-off roll -- then some turbulence--- big deal...
I have seen that video several times,one hell of a crosswind,, other than that since I don't fly 767's have no idea if any limitations were compromised.GREAT VIDEO!!
Bob Ziehm 4
Great video. Must have been a good takeoff. Got back to upload the video...
I have seen that video several times,one hell of a crosswind,, other than that since I don't fly 767's have no idea if any limitations were compromised.
Noah Rice 2
Stiff crosswind
emculbertson 2
just another day...yee haa!
davidtruchot 2
All looks good on that video. It's actually an omen to the automated systems AND the pilot's skills, to keep the flight level on the runway. No worries!
Ben Lillie 2
Ooooh, I was so scared. I wish I had been on that flight, the bouncing would have been fun.
Makes you wonder, IF they would even get off the ground
I did see a possible flash of lightning during rotation, which is the only possible dangerous situation (the shear and lightning rule).

I love the YouTube comments about the spoiler/spoileron movement. It looks like considerable flap input, which is clearly going to exaggerate the aileron-to-spoiler compensation. The yoke was turned to compensate wind to start-out, so yeah, people think that the spoilers were fully deployed on that side. I looks like he used quite a bit of runway (not sure of length and can't see the distance markers). The initial climb is just "sawing at the wheel" like driving in stiff crosswinds to track straight and absorb gusts.

More sensationalism to discredit a (likely) good crew.
John Hale 1
I saw a BA 777 land in MCO last summer in rain like that. we were in a ground hold for an hour at the end of the runway.
Kawaiipoint2 1
great video, no danger at all though
After reading all these comments and noticing the "nothing dangerous" responses,all of us who fly for a living know there is a certain unnecessary risk taking here, specially after what Mr Candee mentioned,, wonder if that Russian Captain was acting under pressure, or maybe not,maybe he was under the "macho" syndrome.Those control surfaces deflections are far from normal.Anyway, it is a great video.
preacher1 1
Well, there are some comments about other reports, pilot discipline, high winds and all that. If things like that were a factor it might make a difference but what you have is a video shot by an excited PAX that shows some rain and maybe a little wind, and that based entirely on itself, is what the comments are based on.If, as one says, that winds were excessive and that the pilot was under pressure, yada, yada, that's a whole different story and not reflected in this video, AND, based solely on this video is no reason for the attention grabbing story title.
DashTrash 1
I don't think there's enough info in that video to pick apart another crew's actions. There's obviously more to the story, but I don't have it. Even if I knew everything about the flight, I'd be inclined not to rip another crew on a public message board out of professional courtesy.
preacher1 1
Well said Dan. As I said below, an excited PAX, and this video is what the comments about "nothing dangerous" are all based on. I'm like you, if sombody has some other stuff, let 'em put it out, but until then, it's all hearsay.
Takeoff during a storm as there are so many others every year. Congratulations pilots!
sparkie624 1
Why was he stating his take off roll with his Ground Spoilers Deployed?

[This poster has been suspended.]

DashTrash 1
They are roll spoilers. Most large aircraft use spoilers in addition to aileron control. They are actuated through the control yoke. You can see aileron movement with each spoiler movement in the video.
sparkie624 1
It will make for a much longer take off roll.... I will have to ask one of the pilots at work about that. Looks alittle crazy to me.
That is a textbook Crosswind Takeoff. The B767 have SPOILERONS.
Pete Templin 1
Only thing dangerous is the electronics that aren't turned off and stowed, leading to a distracted passenger who becomes a liability should there be a crash.
onjuku20 1
Visibility was good so rain was not that heavy. Obviously some turbulence because of control deflection but not enough to cause the camera to stray. Most obvious concern would have been a long takeoff roll on a wet runway but we don't have the numbers. Who screens these things?
preacher1 1
That's my whole point in this mess. Excited PAX, not turning off electronic devices to commence with, and sensational headlines to make a story that isn't there unless there are other numbers and things to go with it. For just what is shown, for a pilot, its just another day at the office. I have no idea who screens these stories, if anybody.
al fredericks 1
wish i was on that flight, especially in the cock-pit. spice of life EH!
Elfyn Hanks 1
I was in a 767 leaving Heathrow in weather worse than that. At one point we were waiting at the end of 27R and as the rain came in the runway began to disappear it was raining that hard. We had to wait for landing planes as they were given priority due to the weather (they were using both 27R and 27L to land planes)and I still don't think it was a dangerous takeoff when we did eventually get going.
This looks like a normal wet day takeoff with probably a fairly strong crosswind as the pilot was correcting with aileron as can be seen by the spoilerons being up.
olucas 1
Was that normal flap settings?
William Candee 0
For all you guys who are saying "nothing dangerous", I would note that the reports I have seen elsewhere on this takeoff indicate the following: (1) Other international airlines cancelled; (2) because it was in a typhoon; (2a) and other airlines' SOPs did not permit takeoffs in the prevailing conditions; (3) have a look at the aileron deflection in the earliest stages of the takeoff roll; (4) ask yourself why the Aeroflot captain was apparently severely disciplined following this incident.
Pileits 2
Where's the proof the Capt was disciplined? Or is this just another silly comment.
preacher1 2
Post some of those "other reports". All these comments here are based off these videos and as they say, it doesn't show anything unusual.
William Candee 3
This video has been around a long time, including in the original Russian. It was taken at HKG. A Cathay pilot posted some significant information about the conditions prevailing at the time, as well as a translation of the original poster's comments in Russian. Explains a lot. And there's a lot more out there on the 'Net if you look. In fact, a link to the exact same video was posted on FLIGHTAWARE just a year ago, and sparked comment then, too. Oddly, however, the general tenor of it was different.
gatorbuc99 0's a lot better to be down here wishing you were up there, than to be up there wishing you were down here. almost scraping a wingtip doesn't equal safe in my book.
TWA55 0
Alot of water, but nothing that does'nt happen everyday. They got it off the ground, what was dangerous?
I remember a similar experience, not as much rain...We were taking off from Houston to go to SFO, the wind kept changing velocities so ATC kept changing runways leading to a delay. Eventually we took off on 27 for a straight out to SF, and were were at the markers at the other end of the 9000ft runway and we still weren't off the ground. It wasn't until the last 300 feet we actually got off. There were downdrafts after takeoff. Very bad performance, same as this plane...not the safest thing but it turned out ok!


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