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Final day of Continental Airlines' name is near

The days are numbered for the Continental Airlines name, the Houston Chronicle reports. In just about two weeks, parent company United Continental Holdings will begin using only United for nearly all of its interactions with customers. ( Altro...

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United was once a proud airline in America. Their image today, represents everything that is wrong with the industry. The basic attitude seems to be "let the passengers be be damned".

As a retired CEO, I would have kept the Continental name. That name was the last of the American carriers that knew how to treat the paying passengers. Too bad.
Captaindl 1
You are absolutely right on. My first job in 1959 was personal assistant to William "Pat" Patterson at United when it was a real airline before becoming an aerial bus company. They should have kept the Continental name.
Being originally from Houston, I was always proud to say it was Continental's home, especially after they pulled themselves out of the dumps to become one of the industry's best-ranked airlines. Now, that's all going to go "down the tubes" just so some rich men can get richer.
jeff egli 1
The merger was/is driven by the Delta/Northwest merger, to protect and compete for market share. The airline business is about cash flow. When your competitor can out run you in down times due to cash flow in a competeing market, you are done....plain and simple.
My hope is that the "New UNITED with Contennial Logo" will do business the way Contennial has, particularily in custumer service. United has been terrible for the last few years, while Contennial has been wonderful.
jeff egli 1
Frank Vila 7
Very Sad to see a Good Name going away... Continental it is one of the remaining names people respect and love.. legacy airlines has loosing respect from customers after Corporation America Kind of mentality has taken over and only target are just making money and customer service it is never importance... as much they said it is... trust me never any more... I will Miss you Continental Airlines.. Hello United.. here we go..
What's wrong with you people. There is nothing wrong with the Continental Scheme. I think it's pretty good compared to some of the rest of them. Continental airlines served me well. I flown Continental many times and there Crew are Great. Hate to see them go, But at least there colour's are a rememberence of a Great Airline.
It's really sad that many of the great commercial airline names have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes I wish that the airline deregulation never happened.
siriusloon 2
It's rather ironic that they're called legacy airlines because their only legacy is as examples of how not to stay in business. Remind me... who was that socialist that deregulated the airline industry? Hmmm, must have been a Democrat. What was his name again? Ronnie Something, wasn't it?

After having their carefully-guarded cabal, they had to compete in the real world. Some have managed to do so and others failed. Funny how so many of the same people who rail against big government, bailouts, and the like are upset about what happened after deregulating the airline industry.
Reagan? poster-boy republican.....
alfred Kahn. Carter appointment. And yes, a Democrat. If you're a veteran of the airline industry, "Kahn" is definitely a 4 letter word :-)
Carter did the deregulation
Reagan? Democrat? Socialist?
A classic company like Continental will be history, like many other airlines. Flew with continental many times from Amsterdam to Newyork,Houston and Central America. In the near future exist only an handfull big major airlines and they all fly Boeing and Airbus. Boring!
United ranked worst major airline.

Worst Major Airlines

#1. United Airlines (Worst Major Carrier)

AQR Score: -1.31

United had the worst AQR score among major airlines with a -1.31, with customer service as its Achilles' heel. According to the AQR report, United had the second-highest customer complaint rate in 2010 with 1.64 complaints reported per 100,000 passengers. United had the unfortunate distinction of placing second on Business Insider's "The 18 Worst Companies in America" list. High baggage fees haven't helped the company's image.
Domestic Baggage Fees
1st Bag: $25
2nd Bag: $35
3rd Bag: $100
Overweight/Oversized Bags
51-70 lbs: $100
71-99.9 lbs: $200 (up $100 from last year)
Larger than 62 inches: $100

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Never flew Air Canada.
But I had the supreme displeasure to fly United for 4 legs this week. THE HORROR...THE HORROR!

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IF Air Canada is worse than United I feel sorry(and sad)for you and CANADA!
I've flown both, and I've never had any problem with Air Canada. Granted, the last time was over a year ago, but still, the flight was on time, landed early, the crew were a delight, and even the snacks they gave me were tasty!
jeff egli 1
REALLY?? You're squawking about buying snacks? The airline industry as a whole has made that move to keep themselves in the air. All the airlines now charge for their food, except first class, which certainly pays for itself with the price of admission.
Free snacks on JetBlue, first bag free, cheaper flights, Direct TV.

I used to be a Continental flyer, but no more. Every flight I have had with United was a mess.

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UNITED:$25 to check first bag/$35 to check second bag!

SOUTHWEST: Two bags fly free!
And for You; if you fly United and pay $120 extra for two checked bags round trip
United->Continetal->Texas International->Trans-Texas->Aviation Enterprises. I've had pretty good luck flying with Continental. I hope it continues.
rsmath 1
i like that continental line globe design on the tail (seen in the image when Obama visited boeing a few days ago). I haven't been keeping up with things on the united-continetal merger front to know if that is United's new livery or just a one-off livery.
Continenental service has been great! I hope the only change in the brand is the name!
B.K. Power 1
Goodbye Continental. Goodbye good service :-( I have reached the 1K Elite status this year with all my traveling. May God give me patience to deal with any old United horrible food and rude attendants.
So sad to see Continental go the way of TWA. Continental was always so good to me and United sooooo terrible.
a. United should have created an entirely new logo .. not ... use the old .
b. "Sinusloon" -- If you are referring to Ronald Reagan . Our President .. as "Ronnie" he was Republican .. not Democrat
c. Inside TWA, Carl Ican -- was / is also known as Icant ..
d. Another "legacy" carrier would be Eastern Airlines

I would love to see people come along and revive all of the legacy carriers .. Then there would be real competition at the airports.

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Scott Dyer 1
Maybe they should also buy more naming rights to more professional sporting venues
At6reo 1
YEA..I totally agree.. Pan Am, Twa,Western ,Psa. Now those airlines knew how to make flying REALLY enjoyable.
joncon25 1
I miss my Continental! We had a R/T to Ontario CA which involved a change of planes in Houston. The CAL attendents were great, then UAL took over in Houston and their attendents were crude. They thought that a silly laugh, and rolling their eyes answered my questions. One could certainly see the difference in attitude and service.
Rather than fly to England and pay for Business Class, we are taking a trans-Atlantic cruise. Seven days of fun, food, entertainment and a wonderful bed to sleep upon.
i am SAD,
jeff egli 1
The Continental logo was kept because of it's worldwide recognition by it's loyal business travelers. The combined airline's name is United due to it's global recognition, second only to Coca-Cola/Coke.
When will the last Continental plane be painted in the new UA - CO livery?

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Probably how many CO planes are still in service?
Depending on how many there are still in service, I'm guessing maybe late this year or early next year.

Happy Flying!
At least they have stopped that ridiculous "we're painting all our jets with the United logo" that they used for the first year on the welcome video. I fly Continental (now United) a lot and I was going to SCREAM if they told me that one more time. As a passenger, I care about safety and service. I don't give a rats butt what is painted on the plane as long as it is safe and hopefully comfortable. It seems to me that they have merged with the worst practices of both airlines, not the best. I am still waiting for improvements.....
At6reo 1
Well I thank you for flying the former Continental. That airline was rated #5 out 10 best .
Well, when EWR is your home airport and you do a lot of business travel you pretty much became a Continental Frequent Flyer whether you wanted to or not.
All I can tell you people is look out for the Virgin Atlantic's, Jetblue's, Southwest's and Dubai Emirates of the current global playing field we've inherited not by choice - some shrewd dudes are making some high caliber decisions in those I mentioned and they're scooping up all of the affluent revenue. The bankrupt airline club is just that and the new generation of flyers - well - in all actuality - all they care about is - is there wi-fi onboard.? How long is the flight.? Is there snacks or quality meals/drinks on board and are the flight attendants customer friendly / all you hear about these days when you fly from flight attendants and irrated crews is- they can't believe their union allowed this contract fluke to happen.
So my point is - logo - what logo? who cares....- show me the reduced fares and that's all we care about. emblems are just that these days emblems - it's all about price, comfort and for those that care and don't enjoy a negative IQ - well - safety is in there somewhere- (jetblue landing on one nose gear - succesful and usair on the hudson "nice one")- next time do the whole chklist sully.
'Do the whole checklist, Sully?"
Please explain.
They should've kept the United "Rising Blue" paint job, and gotten rid of that outdated CO scheme. Now the whole fleet looks old, drab, and ugly. A terrible decision.
I also totally agree. Not only is it old, but it gives customers the impression that the airline doesn't even care about their outward appearance, which is almost always a selling point considering that people are more unlikely to invest in something that looks old and uninviting. Plus United had one of the best paint schemes ever, so they could have at least combined the two liveries into a totally new one to pay some tribute (maybe the continental scheme in united colors or something like that). Even Delta and US Airways changed their colors when they merged. Overall a terrible and common sense lacking decision by whoever made the decision.
Oops, I meant Continental logo lol.
Totally agree...Continental tail logo unimpressive.
Totally agree
The old days, Condintental's commercials, "We really move our tails for you!" That was befroe their first reorganization, when they were the "Proud bird with the golden tail!" Got quite a collection of old ticket folders for the defuncts like the original PanAm, TWA, Eastern, Braniff, Ozark, North Central, Southern, Hughes Airwest, etc. Also the old, meaning 60's, Continental logo.
So long, COA. She joins TWA, Northwest, and many others
I wish Northwest was still in service! I liked them because they had an interesting fleet to rusty DC-10s to glassed cokpiteted A320s!!! :( The memory lives on, Northwest.
Scott Dyer 1
Don't forget Northeast and National

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Nice, referring to name calling because you disagree with people? Not everybody likes the logos, and some people believe that, when a merger happens, that's the best time to unveil a new, updated logo, to address those changes, and show that the company has changed, possibly for the better.

Fine, you don't agree with those people. That's fine. However, calling those that have a different opinion than you "idiots", well that's just downright rude.

Especially coming from a Canadian.
thank god the name is gone. If only the livery would go also it would make me the happiest man in the world. That livery is way to old. Its gotta go!!!!
As a former TWA employee ... Some of the Birds who have or are flying, "Off into the Sunset" ... Continental,Trans World Airlines (TWA), Pan American World Airways (PanAm), Air California (AirCal), Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), Alleghany, Piedmont, AmericaWest, Ozark, AirTrans, Western Airlines .. just to name afew
joncon25 1
RobSJC...and what about Braniff with the Calder paintjobs and Stewardess's in their Hot Pant's and Space Uniforms? What a great time to be flying!
siriusloon 0
And how many of them went out of business through absolutely no fault of their own?
flynavy001 1
Several of legacy airlines met their demise at the hands of corporate raiders and leverage buyouts. Look at the track records of the Icahn/Lorenzo management eras. There are a lot of other reasons including fuel cost, aircraft upgrades, unions, politics, etc but many of the legacy industries set themselves up for financial failure when they failed to fund their retirement obligations. The paid politicions allowed this - Democrat and Republican. It is a sad history.

[This poster has been suspended.]

But its true... :) :)

[This poster has been suspended.]

I wish they went into oneworld but that's not gonna happen in a million years.
I totally agree with wanting them with skyteam
I always wanted a AA/UA merger. :)

[This poster has been suspended.]

I fly AA all the time but I don't like them as well as united an used to be northwest. What is the most possible merger for AA right now?
John Hale -8
This is old news. we have know about this for weeks
siriusloon 1
But you read it and posted about it anyway. Was the schedule for the change really something that was "know[n]" for weeks?


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