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(Video) 6 1/2 Magic Hours (1958) - Pan Am Jet Clipper Service

Aviation Film about Pan Am Flight 1000 Boeing 707 Jet Clipper Service ( Altro...

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Jim Kerr 1
I cannot imagine a trans-Atlantic flight in a suit and tie. I would also like to have the little girl's coloring book!
indy2001 1
Before we get carried away, let's remember something. The cost of a ticket was much higher than it is now. I found in a 1958 issue of the TWA "Skyliner" magazine that they proposed reducing the roundtrip New York-London jet fare to $350. That was for a special off-season, 17-day ticket. Running those numbers through the inflation calculator
indy2001 1
(Believe it or not, the cat stepped on the keyboard and sent the previous message before I was finished. The rest of the message follows...)

gives a fare of nearly $2900 in 2010 dollars (the last year for which the calculator works). Like everyone else, I miss the good old days. But at least jet travel isn't only for the rich any longer.
Comfortable jet travel is still for the wealthy. Looking at that service and space on board the 707----a GV comes to mind.
Bill Menzel 0
The travail is now back in travel!
iFlyGr8 0
First Class, every class.
Ben Lillie 0
Too bad it's not as refreshing now as it was then.
pdixonj 0
you have Deregulation, high oil prices, economic recessions, and terrorism to thank for that.


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