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Couple sues Air Tran

Air Tran being sued over cockroaches ( Altro...

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canuck44 0
Some of the roaches on board had only two legs and a law degree.

Get over is the South and they are everywhere.
preacher1 0
Ain't it strange that they had a stop in Atlanta where they could have gotten off, and if she got nauseous, that didn't get reported to the flight crew????????????????????
Mary Janes or roaches!!! Wonder how many on here know what a roach is??? We're going back here...
Don't worry,They would have kept quiet,with the first kind.
linbb 0
They probalby brought them on board and now want money, oh yes there is a lawer involved yup here comes the money shot.
canuck44 0
We used to use roaches for medical research on primitive species resistant to we use attorneys. They breed just as fast and we don't get emotionally attached to them.
suing over Cockroaches huh?
I am personally one of those who believe cockroaches are a sign of larger problems in sanitation. They are vile, revolting, and disgusting, and had I been on that flight, no way I continue on from Atlanta. And that my luggage was subjected to exposure, would mean they and their contents would never again enter my vehicle or home.
canuck44 0
I sure hope you don't live in the South where they are ubiquitous and highly resistant to extermination. The Realtors give them names like "Palmetto Bugs" to avoid revelation of their primitive origins. They will be around long after man has gone...they are impossible to kill off even with radiation.

That said, they do entertain my cats for hours giving them one more useful function than most lawyers.
Lawyers!! The lure of easy money. Quite a combination.
Ikaika Mokulele
Roaches have the right to travel too..........LOL
Now that Air Trans is part of Southwest, I guess the cockroaches misread the ads and thought it was bugs not bags fly free......
Were,the roaches read,"Their Constitutional rights!!!"
canuck44 0
Now that is funny...
Could it have been,that a group of similar looking roaches.Were on the "No Fly List"It could have been a case of mistaken identity!!!Makes as much sense as the lawsuit!!
...A lawyer that flies Air Tran?? Sounds like he's a little cash-strapped theses days.
Stuart Lee 0
frivolity at it's finest.


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