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All-new (free!) flight tracker apps from FlightAware for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7!

FlightAware is proud to announce the release of our new apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7! All platforms are free and have FlightAware flight tracking, push notifications for flight alerts, NEXRAD weather, worldwide airport delays, airport arrivals/departures, and more. ( Altro...

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Kiwi Kids 3
how do you delete recent searches on iphone
How do you delete tracked flights that you no longer care to see?
Go to Flights Tab - Press flight you want to delete. Trashcan is on upper right.
Why can I no longer see aircraft photos?
David Mann 1
Recently started using FlightAware on my Samsung 7 Edge. I track my wife's flights all over the world. But the tail number changes every flight ... Private jets. How do I delete the old ones from my mobile FlightAware? There seems no obvious way to do it. Thanks!
F. Gabriel 1
Nice app. but, try to make it more elegant and get rid of the pop up ads
selby50c 1
Certainly will not work on Playbook....
Works great on android especially on my Samsung.
dudugperes 1
Create a paid version without the horrible ads!
very accurate. better then airlines web sites
F. Gabriel 1
I love the app...but, i dislike the horrible ads that pop up suddenly. secondly, make it more elegant. nice app
how does one program to receive an audible alert when an N number files flight plan, takeoff and arrives, my phone will track the airplane but not send me the above.
dudugperes 1
Create a paid version without the horrible ads!!!!

how can i delete past flights from my app on my Samsung tab?
Warren Bye, the iOS app does run on iPod Touch--go ahead and try it.

angel felix, just go to the Androd Market icon and search for FlightAware.
How do you get the full weather report on the app, like cloud base, and temp, dew point etc...
David Sims 0
One suggestion, add the airport tracker to the home page, or at least make the login remember who you are or stay logged in. 99% of the time I use flightaware is to check inbounds to our airport.
On the blackberry app, When I search for the airline it doesn't allow me to press enter, somehow the "enter" doesn't work. So I am unable to search. Any suggestions?
Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate): Looks like the app is using quite a bit of battery. Also, app seems to try and kill off itself when you exit, which makes startup time suffer.

I would assume that the app spawns background threads for certain tasks as well. Are you sure you're killing all of these when the app exits? The app seems to continue to use network and CPU (and a lot of both) even while the app isn't active.
Shame on me, by the way. I shouldn't only post the negative. The app looks amazing and it has features I've been long hoping for. Thanks for bringing FA to Android!
Now my favorite iPad app, thanks.
Rolled back to 2.6 until you guys fix it for iPhone. Lot of improvements at the expense of some. Specially, please bring back the old interface to nearby or airport view. (aircraft icons are way too small). Also the area to view nearby has reduced. Sorry, I am a spotter and like the old version a lot.
The new iPhone version is a big step forward, and much more consistent in look and feel to web-based FA. One thing I would like to see added: a display of current time somewhere in the screen. I realize that the display real estate is limited, but with as much quasi-real-time-based data as flight tracking and schedule status involves, having to switch out to the iPhone home screen to determine what time it is right now seems a little odd.
ken yoder 1
Keeps locking up on Galaxy S7 despite reinstall.
Great job, FA! I am delighted to have your app on my Android.
Beto mik 0
uhmmm...let me seee...
Same problem as Sean Edwards on my Blackberry Bold: when I press Enter I get a choice of change aps, paste or complete menu, none of which allow me to go forward. Any suggestions?
Art Pauly 0
The app. does not work with Blackberry. It locked up my device five times before I removed it. I tried to re-install and it did the same thing so i removed it again. I love Flightaware and would like to have it on my Blackberry but it just does not work.
Not thrilled with the iphone version. The Nearby screen is much smaller as compared to the previous version and the planes blend into the background, so they are hard to see, plus I would like to see the flight route as an option, as again it tends to get confusing.
does not function on a Blackberry Bold with 5.0 os, and AT&T. Does not let you "enter" in data. Does not have an enter or submit field. Will not populate airports. Show nearby airports as NYC and New England, not the New Orleans........
Great app -- but would like to make some constructive suggestions:

1) The blue background and lettering is very hard to read on my iPhone -- in the sunlight.
2) I would like to have the timezone after the time (I love the 24 hour format). Specifically, I track flights from different locations -- going through different time zones.
3) I would like to filter (not always, but some times) flights that are enroute or within an hour or so of the current time, rather than having to filter out the ones that are not currently "active".

Once again -- GREAT APP!!! and thanks very much!
thanks Dan! one step closer to being able to ditch the i phone.
Works great on Android. Thanks guys, best site on a PC now great on mobile.
Doesn't seem to work on a BB 9850. Not really a problem because the mobile version of the regular site works just fine.
Warren Bye 0
Will this ever be available for the ipod touch?
Trying hard to find a way to log in but no can do. This is my wires iPad and she keeps getting a user name
in use try again
Windows Phone 7 App is Nice!
Paul Adams 0
Please don't forget the vast amount of global users who have Nokia Symbian devices
Poog Woog 0
I am amazed that in the search for airlines (and therefore, flights) Ryanair is NOT available! How can an airline serving all Europe and carrying 75 million passengers 2010/ 2011 not be included? Complete nonsense application
Mike King 0
Any plans to give the Android version the ability to be moved to the SD card? This is a large application, and my phone's main memory is maxed out. If I can install it on my SD card, then I can load it. ...thanks!
how to download to a htc android 4g
jas32 0
Works great on my Blackberry Torch 9800 !!! Thanks Flightaware, great app.
I like it
Shold be great! How to load it to my Blackberry?
Well done, thank you!
Had trouble filing a flight plan from my iPad. Is this app just for tracking or can you use it for filing as well? Thanks.
Paul Adams, we have you guys in mind. Stay tuned.

Roman Litovchenko, just go to the app world store on your BlackBerry and search for FlightAware. Or go to [ this page] and click the green button.

Everyone-- don't forget to leave positive feedback in your platform's marketplace if you like the app!
very nice i lovr it
I don't understand to blue fa base overlay. Why is it there? Why can't we just see the google map? Using iPhone 4.
It should be the same as my iPad app. Just hit the fa base overlay and will change it to the google map
The app works great on my BB Bold 9900. I do encounter one problem that locks up the device EVERY-TIME requiring a battery pull to reset. If I am in the switch Application menu, I see the FlightAwarePushNotification icon (black scree with "?" in it. If this is selected during the switch application it locks up the device.

Perhaps this icon should be hidden so It can not be accidentally selected.

Thx for the APP.
How can you delete a city airport after it shows up Airport Tracker/Info?
Go to my flightaware at the bottom, then hit edit at the left hand top of the screen
And you will see the minus sign to delete any airport of your choice.
Mike King, you can already move the FlightAware app to the SD card after it has been installed. Just go to Menu, Manage apps, pick FlightAware, then "Move to SD". If you have insufficient space to install the app at all, then try moving some of your other apps to SD first.
And that's filing from the ipad from the site, not the app. Thanks...
Hi, Scott. We're working on a pilot-centric app for flight planning, but right now the FlightAware app is focused on flight tracking, airport status, etc.
Thanks. Looking forward to seeing it. I really like the weather briefing and destination info the system prepares when you file using the filing tool. It's almost perfect. There's one BIG area, though, where a competitor is unrivaled....aircraft performance. Their prestored performance info and fuel consumption rates are scary accurate. If your system can match or exceed that capability, coupled with the user interface bells and whistles you already'd be unbeatable. Thanks for all you guys do. I really enjoy your site.
Looks like lot of improvements. Well done guys... just one comment - in the map view the aircraft icons are too light with FA Base ON. Please make them darker.
Much better app, very slick UI and graphics, route info etc., and far more functional with the interactive map.

Also looking forward to the pilot-centric flight planning app.
The new update is stuck on log in.
The new update doesn't work it's stock on log-in when it loads.
sumsum 0
Great to finally have an iPad designed version!
Got the app to work. I just turned my iPad off and back on.
Had trouble with login but recycling power did the trick. Much nicer feature set than before... great job!
ajbncsu 0
Painfully slow.
About time!!!!! :D
I'm on the Business Team at Apple and I'll be working on an aviation-related workshop for the iPad. It's terrific to see how widely accepted the iPad is in aviation.
How does one delete a notification?


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