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U.S. airport security needs a makeover

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) anticipates that about 6,600 firearms will be detected at airport security checkpoints in 2022, an all-time single year record. This represents around 18 weapons per day out of on average 2 million people screened. The TSA response is to increase maximum penalties for such violations. The problem is that the preponderance of, if not all such violations are unintentional with no malicious intent. This means that deterrence will have little if any… ( More...

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bbabis 5
To watch a 91 year old have to take their shoes and jewelry off and then be wanded and patted down to get through “security” while 20 young males in hoodies carry their white sacks straight past makes me think that, yes, changes need to be made.
linbb 2
Well seems they dont hire the brightest people either. Have seen them just lounging around talking to other gate agents or other TSA people. Many act like they done even like there job which has been proven due to some being involved with theft and drug running.


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